Tactic #1 to Siphon Youtube and to StopBitBurning.com (Digital BookBurning)


ATTENTION: ALL YQUTUBE ACCQUNTS BANNED! Big Tech purged! They are making every effort to prevent YOU from getting the news and information you want.
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In This Report:

You are about to learn one of the strategies we can utilize to ethically push back.. and even WalkAway from these platforms…

Click the “Play” button and turn up the sound for this report from Dustin Nemos!

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Email, text, or share this report to your friends and family members that are tracking the Storm ... or who need to be. Nothing can stop what is coming... Nothing.  

IMPORTANT: YouTube is censoring, unsubscribing, and un-notifying patriots across the board. Click Here for the best way to keep up with news updates >>

Are you the target of digital censorship? Are you fed up with it happening to others? They are trying to prevent you from getting the news and information you want... while force-feeding you lies that pose as truth. Fight back. Click here to join the Stop Bit Burning movement -- where free speech takes a stand >>


  1. There a lawsuit that’s WANTS to go GLOBAL against YouTube
    It’s called FAIRTUBE EU.
    When I saw the video, they said their Lawyers believed they could win. They wanted to word to get to all content makers.
    Hope this helps, Dustin
    Shanan Torres
    Port Orchard, Wa.

  2. I just want you to know that your hard work is appreciated. I’ve been watching you a good while. And subscribed as well. I don’t do social media ( Facebook or Twitter etc) But I will email. If you have a email address , would you.please send it to me? Sometimes I may want to send you some information or ask you about something. Anyway keep.up.the good work & God Bless you & your Beautiful family. I’m praying for you
    Sincerely Andrea

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