STUNNING! 80.0% of In-Person Voters in Maricopa County on Election Day Voted Republican – Only 23.4% Voted Democrat


Reported by: The Gateway Pundit

Maricopa County had 106,588k voters show up Tuesday to vote in-person. Of those, a record breaking percentage voted for the GOP. In Arizona, anyone registered as an “Independent” can show up to the polls and request either a Republican, or Democrat ballot. In Tuesday’s Primary, 80.0% who voted in-person selected a Republican Party ballot. Only 23.4% used the Democrat ballot. This is obviously great news, but the county’s mail-in ballots are 10 times this amount. The charts below provide various details.

As of April 2022, the makeup of active registered voters in Maricopa County is 34% Republican, 30% Democrat, and 34% Independents. Out of the 31,318 registered “Independent’s” that showed up, 73.95% asked for a Republican ballot. Only 23.4% asked for a Democrat ballot. That’s considered a BLOWOUT! In the right side graph below, the pink at the top are those “Independent” voters who asked poll workers for a Republican ballot. The dark red are registered Republicans.

The graphs in this story are a stunning for a couple reasons. They show incredible promise for Republicans in the 2022 General Election. But this data didn’t come from the GOP. It came come from the Democrat analytics organization called UpLift, formerly Saguaro Strategies. Every day leading up to election day, UpLift was tracking ballot returns in near real time, down the precinct level detail. They undoubtedly have very strategic data that helps Democrats influence elections.

Their head of operations posted dozens of charts on Twitter today that were updated hourly throughout the election. Graphs and charts posted on UpLift’s website displayed ballot returns as the Arizona election evolved over weeks, accurate to within hours. They use Tableau Software, a visual analytics company, which happens to be owned by They have offices in Berkley, D.C., Phoenix, and Detroit. Their data on Arizona mail-in ballot returns allow you to dissect voter participation by County, Congressional or Legislative districts, City, Party, Age, Gender, and so on.

UpLift knew three days before the election (July 30th) that 930k mail-in ballots had been returned. They knew from which party, where from, and so on. July 30th was also the point when Republicans took the lead in ballot returns – Republicans in Maricopa returned more mail-in ballot then Democrats. UpLift is able to gather real time results from all over the State, including data from all 15 County Recorders. This is incredible powerful information in the lead up to an election. You never see the GOP provided these type tools to conservative groups.

UpLift reported that 986k ballots mail-in ballots were received. On August 1st, Maricopa County Recorder, Stephen Richter (R) announced on Twitter they had already tabulated 800k ballots. Do these early results find their way into the hands of Democrat operatives? Is this enough time to manipulate the outcome? We also noticed Richter had time throughout the busy election day to send tweets about every 12 minutes, some flat out ridiculous. At one point he provided a countdown 10, 9, 8 for the time remaining to vote. This is more bizarre, child-like behavior. How can anyone trust this buffoon to run an election?


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