Supreme Court Betrays America on Election Integrity. Trump on Tax Returns. Pedo In Chief says N Word again.


In this episode of The Silent War:

The Supreme Court Betrays America and refuses to restore election integrity. Banana Republic is here!

The Supreme Court however had time to allow Corrupt Dem Prosecutors access to Trump’s Tax Returns in a CRIMINAL Fishhunting expedition with corrupt NY prosecutors.

Also, Biden’s executive orders killed dozens of Texans while he continues to sell us out to China. Also, Biden Stops Trump program targeting sex traffickers in our country illegally, what the hell? We Know – Pedo Joe!

Pelosi trying to evict Iowan’s duly elected house GOP Rep, Miller-Meeks.

500,000 Dead? Yea right. More like 30,000 according to CDC admissions.

A very confused patriot is being tortured – literally – in prison, denied bail in violation of due process, all for the crime of walking around the Capitol building after police invited patriots in.

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