The Principle (2014 – Full Movie)


The Principle (2014 – Full Movie)

0:00 Intro

8:30 Cosmology overview

13:45 The Copernican principle

19:24 Galileo recants heliocentrism

23:00 Newton, Center of mass & Mach’s relative rotation

27:38 Michelson-Morley & the lack of ether drift

30:29 Einstein’s solution (Lorentz transform)

35:24 Hubble redshift, Hubble Constant & Cosmic Inflation

41:30 Dark Matter & everything coming from “nothing”

46:16 Ad hoc “dark energy”

50:01 Concentric shells aligned with the earth

54:16 WMAP “Axis of evil”

1:02:21 Planck satellite 2013 results

1:09:18 Extrapolation: Multiverse vs “fine tuner”

1:22:05 End Credits

Source: Robert Sungenis


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