The Silent War Ep. 6025: Audit BombShell, Antifa Arrest, Fauci Confesses, The End of Censorship


In this episode of The Silent War:

Patriots are fighting back everywhere and audits are uncovering more and more bombshell evidence of massive, coordinated, systemic election fraud in 2020, Fauci confesses (with weasel words and veiled language) to funding Wuhan’s Bioweapon lab. And the Darkening world of online censorship is about to get an injection of Floridian Sunshine as DeSantis moves against Big Tech Censorship.

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“The Big Lie!” Flash Update: What Are They So Affraid Of?

“The Big Lie!” Update 5-23-2021: LAWFARE-Maricopa County Attorney Launches Assault On Audit.

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