The Silent War Ep. 6038: Inflation is KILLING your DOLLARS, Vax’d Shedding, Troops Blow Whistle


In this episode of The Silent War:

We explore the financial cataclysm that is coming for your dollars purchasing power – Hyperinflation has begun. With some categories doubling price in just the first 6 months of this year, Used car index up 26% so far this year, and a lot more. Are you ready for the Dollars End Game? Time to prepare!

Also, Fully Vax’d cruise has Covid outbreak, proving once again the Vaxxed are more likely to get the disease, and that it does not provide protection. Neither safe, nor effective.

Also, hundreds of troops are blowing the whistle that Biden’s government is forcing anti American propaganda on them – turning America’s Military into one giant “Reeducation” camp. this is where I buy my silver!

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