The Silent War Ep. 6084: Republicans now Terrorists, Border WIN, Durham, Afghanistan, China


In this episode of The Silent War:

Biden’s shutdown of the Remain in Mexico program President Trump implemented has been reversed by the courts.

Durham’s reportedly looking into additional charges for Russian Collusion Delusion Disinfo agents within the FBI.

The US Government declares the majority of it’s citizens potential terrorists.

Vaccine passports hit Canada, and the protests follow

Afghanistan falls to the Taliban roughly 1 month after Biden said it wouldn’t… Including airlifting US citizens from the Embassy roof.

And China is preparing for war with the United States with massive military buildup that can only mean one thing.

And much more.

In Case You Missed It:

*UPDATED* Doctor Is Restrained When He Advocates for Patient in Sarasota Hospital. 50-Year-Old Man Being ‘COVID Murdered’ by Hospital Personnel.

AZ Sen. Rogers Announces National Election Integrity Caucus!!!

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