The Silent War Ep. 6108: C19 Vax is Willful Genocide, Young Mass Dying. Durham & Collapse


In this episode of The Silent War:

Far Left Judge Marie Avery Moses Issues Protective Order for Dominion.

DHS Issues New Guidelines that Directly Violate US Immigration Law – Instructs Agents Not to Deport Illegals Solely for Being in the US Illegally.

Fauci changes the definition of ‘fully vaccinated’ to include booster shots.

Even NBA players are smarter than the Fake News Media Journalists. One NBA Player dunks on far left media pestering him about vaccines for everyone to see.

Special Counsel John Durham Issues New Set of Subpoenas, Including to Law Firm Perkins Coie Linked to Hillary Clinton and DNC.

Workers Who Maintain Supply Chains Warn of Worldwide ‘System Collapse’ 700,000 fines are coming for companies that refuse to enforce the Vax. Be ready for major pressure.

Breakthrough Cases Surge: Vaccinated Individuals Accounted for 87% of Covid Hospitalizations Over the Past Week in Wales UK; 99% of All New Cases Were Under 60 Years Old.

In Case You Missed It:

Musk Calls Tesla “Two-Ton Death Machines.”

Arizona AG orders Maricopa County officials to Preserve Records, Criminal Investigation Next?

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