The Silent War Ep. 6113: Election Lies Exposed, Pushing Back against Education & Medical Professionals


In this episode of The Silent War:

How to overrule or FIRE the school boards with legal maneuvering.

Shady Maricopa County Official Claims They Had to Secretly Delete Information from Servers Under Subpoena.

Texas High School Shooter Released From Jail on Bond.

New Winning Investment Strategy with potentially 0% Loss Potential – Follow Every Trade Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Makes.

Average Family is Spending $175 More per Month on Basic Essentials under Bidens Presidency.

Medical Professionals are required by law to report vaccine adverse reactions for Emergency Use Authorized experimental vaccines, but rare know this. We’re going to teach you how to put them on notice.

Fake News Giant NY Times Added 800,000 to Total of Children Hospitalized with Coronavirus.

US Deaths From CCP Virus in 2021 Surpass 2020 Total, barely (just like we saw before and after the outbreak) Where is the pandemic?

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