Trends-Glyphosate, Climate Alarmism, Vaccines, Pedophiles


In This Report:

  • Nestle steps up testing after finding high levels of dangerous weedkiller in coffee beans
  • Trump blasts ‘liddle’ Adam Schiff for “unsuccessfully’ working to ‘hurt’ GOP over the past three years
  • Sorry Dems: Treaty signed by Bill Clinton provides Trump solid ground to request assistance from Zelensky on 2016 Election or Biden crime family
  • Prince Andrew’s role in Jeffrey Epstein pedophile scandal being covered up by FBI, says former Florida Deputy
  • DOJ claims it never received order from President Trump to declassify Carter Page FISA docs
  • New U.S. Census data finds 22.1 million American residents are non-citizens
  • Australian PM: Stop exploiting kids to push the climate change agenda
  • And much, much more!

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