Trump Rally Transforms Former Democrat – Dr. Karlyn Borseynko, Productive & Fulfilling Work


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And now, the News Behind the News with John Michael Chambers on the Nemos News Network. 

Joining us today is economist Dr. Kirk Elliott and Dr. Carlin Borisenko. 

Dr. Borisenko is a lifelong Democrat liberal. Decided to attend a trump rally in her native state of New Hampshire. Was amazed to discover how out of touch her party was with what was happening in the country. 

She knew then they didn’t stand a chance in the 2020 election if they didn’t get out of their mental cul-de-sac. Dr. Carlin is uniquely positioned to be able to tell our viewers today the effects of identity politics upon companies. A knitting group can be a hate group and Trump derangement syndrome, is it real? 

We’re going to talk about that and a lot more.

Let’s talk about Q. Q has been posting quite a bit. 

The reviewed Q Posts are: –

  • It’s All about the Election; The Virus Is Just the Ruse to Push for Fraudulent Vote-by-Mail

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