Trump says ‘people are joining left and right’ to participate in his class action lawsuit against big tech


By Jenny Goldsberry

Former President Trump appeared on Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo to give an update on his class action lawsuit against the CEO’s of Google, Facebook and Twitter. He announced a website to encourage more plaintiffs to join him in suing big tech. However, he says there are already many getting involved.

“People are joining because of the class action it’s not about me it’s about everybody,” Trump told host Maria Bartiromo. “People are joining left and right and joining at a level . . . they are joining probably most of the class actions have never seen before.”

Then, Trump mentioned a new site coming from the America First Policy Institute to solicit more people onto this class action lawsuits. People can find out how to join on “We’re working with the America First Policy Institute, brilliant people, great lawyers, everybody so enthused,” Trump said.

Trump claimed people are joining in on the suit for the sake of their first amendment right. “They’re taking away your freedom of speech, they’re taking away your right to speak, they’re taking away everything,” Trump said. “They get powers, they’ve got Section 230, it is called, and gives them immunity and protection . . . But they’re not immune from this lawsuit.” The former president made similar comments at CPAC Texas later that day.

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