United Airlines Sticking To Vaccine Mandate


United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby appeared to take issue with those employees filing for exemptions. “By the way, there are going to be very few people who get through the medical and religious exemption. There’s some pretty strict rules about that. So, I would encourage any pilot that’s decided they all of a sudden, or any employee, that’s all of a sudden decided I’m really religious and I’m gonna say I’m gonna [sic], you’re putting your job on the line. You better be very careful about that, about doing that,” said Kirby.

A decidedly cheerful Kirby began by saying Well, look, I’m really proud and gratified that the United team, excluding the people that have applied for religious or medical accommodation, over 99 percent got vaccinated. It proves that vaccine mandates do work, and that you can get a huge percentage of your workforce vaccinated.

He went on to say that I feel bad for the 593 people, the less than one percent, that are going to leave. But we were focused on doing the right thing for United Airlines. And it’s great to have this in the rearview mirror for us and the ability to just move forward now.

In the meantime, Captain Sherry Walker and Captain Laura Cox have founded Airline Employees 4 Health Freedom (AE4HF).

Written by: Chas Cook

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