Wisconsin Speaker Vos Desperate – Mailer Sent to District Accusing Opponent in House Primary, Adam Steen, of Discriminating Against Military Votes


Reported by: The Gateway Pundit

This is really rich. A PAC in Wisconsin attacked Speaker Robin Vos’s opponent in the upcoming primary for discriminating against military votes.

This comes after Vos stands by his certification of the corrupt 2020 Election in the state, knowing that it was full of thousands of illegitimate ballots.

Adam Steen, Robin Vos’s opponent, sent out the following message in response to the defamatory statement mailed to his district by the PAC:

The same Liberty Group sent out mailers a few weeks ago claiming Robin Vos was working for election integrity with President Trump.

This too is a lie.

DIRTY POLITICS: Mysterious Wisconsin PAC Sends Out Misleading Flyers of Speaker Robin Vos with President Trump – Insists Vos Suddenly Supports Election Integrity

Vos was one of the most contemptible politicians in the country during the 2020 Election.  Despite over a hundred thousand ballots being dropped for Joe Biden early in the morning the day after the election giving Biden the narrow lead, Robin Vos certified the results.

EXCLUSIVE: New Information Shows Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos Was Intimately Behind the Insertion of Drop Boxes Across the Country

Despite calls to decertify the election after the Supreme Court decided that ballot boxes used in the election were illegal, resulting in tens of thousands of votes being illegitimate, Vos stands by his certification.

BREAKING: Wisconsin Candidates for Office Call for Decertification of 2020 Election Based on Maladministration of Election Due to the Use of Unconstitutional Drop Boxes

Adam Steen is running against Speaker Vos.  Wisconsin needs someone who will courageously uphold the law and not participate in corrupt politics.

“Speaker Vos, Election Thievery Is NOT Something You Simply Let-Go and Move On From!” – GOP Challenger Adam Steen Blasts Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos in Latest Attack

You can support and donate to Adam Steen by going to his website at Steenforus.us.


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