Woke Health: Biden Admin establishes Office of Environmental Justice


Written by: Jordan Schachtel

With COVID Mania waning, American government “healthcare” institutions are being repurposed to advance wokeness and the climate agenda. And the Biden Administration has tasked their best “admiral” with overseeing the process.

The climate agenda is now a key priority for Government Health, which, over the last few decades, has overseen America’s transformation into the most unhealthy large nation on the planet.

The infamous transgender “four-star Admiral” Rachel Levine of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) took it upon itself to announce the establishment of the Office of Environmental Justice (OEJ).


The newfound OEJ will be positioned under the authority of the HHS Office of Climate Change and Health Equity, which came to fruition one week into President Biden’s term, and it is led by a guy who describes himself as an “environmental physician.”

No, I’m not making any of this up.


The Biden Administration has appointed Sharunda Buchanan as the interim director of the Environmental Justice office.

A quick search of Buchanan finds that she is a lifetime federal bureaucrat, spending the vast majority of her 32 years in government at the CDC. In a video featuring Buchanan, HHS cut a promo about the mission of the office, declaring the entity “is committed to addressing the root causes of inequities.”


White House Council on Environmental Quality Chair Brenda Mallory added in a statement: “Today’s announcement is a key step toward confronting environmental injustice – in all of its heartbreaking forms – with the full force and commitment of the Federal government.”


According to the OEJ website, a man named Arsenio Mataka will join the newly created office as Senior Advisor on Climate Change and Health Equity. Mataka previously worked as an employee for the California EPA, where he advanced climate agenda priorities.

These Biden regime creations are established under the authority of The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health (OASH), which means that they are ultimately directed by “Admiral” Levine.

This is not the only Office of Environmental Justice in the government. An outfit with the same name has a presence in the DOJ and elsewhere.



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