BHO Starting His Own “Body Count” List-Lt. Quarles Harris !!!


Lt. Quarles Harris Jr. was found murdered in his parked car in April 2008. Harris was shot in the head and his vehicle was in front of a DC church.
Quarles had worked a t the Analysis Corporation as an intelligence operative. Analysis was headed by John Brennan and his company was implicated in the breach of the U.S. Passport Records.

Post Q# 1887 on 4/15/18 (in part):
What is JB’s background?
Muslim by faith?

The Passport Records is contained with the U.S. State Department, which launched an investigation into this affair in April 2008. Computer files showed a breach where BHO’s history was accessed and forensically altered.

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Clowns In America,

At the time of Quarles’s tragic murder, he was a key cooperating federal witness. Harris was to meet with several FBI Agents on the evening of his killing.

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Who used private email addresses.

Quarles has already told authorities of his and another co-conspirator’s (Rodney Quarles-oddly similar) involvement with changing BHO’s records. In an attempt to mask changing only BHO’s travel history, days later they altered both HRC and No Name’s Passport files as well.

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Fear the Storm.

BHO later admitted to a previously undisclosed trip to a Pakistan during his college days in 1981. One heck of a field trip and to keep it under raps until pressed on the subject-vintage BHO.

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No Such Agency vs Clowns In America.

Of very odd note was the bizarre death of reporter Michael Hastings. Hastings was looking into the murder of Quarles Harris, when he died in a suspicious auto accident.

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