ObamaGate Counter Surveillance Measures Utilized-PS/Xbox !!!


Surveillance is all about information gathering or its prevention. Microsoft’s Xbox game consoles are the most popular systems in the world. The latest enhancement is the Xbox Live Party Chat feature.

Post Q# 1891 on 8/15/18 (in part):
Texts, emails (gmail), drafts (gmail), HAM comms, PS/Xbox chat logs.

Recent advances in gamer technology has enabled these Xbox Live units now allow communication between operators via WiFi Bluetooth capabilities. Not so well advertised is the fact these Xbox Party Chat “logs” can be captured and saved.

Post Q# 1425 on 5/20/18 (in part):
TRUST the plan.
We are in full control.

Electronic counter surveillance refers to various measures undertaken to prevent surveillance. Surveillance is the secret periodical/continuous watching of persons, vehicles, places, or objects to obtain information.

Post Q# 1905 on 8/16/18 (in part):
Anyone have problems w/their ‘Xbox Live’ account shortly after the drop yesterday?

The distilled surveilled information can then be analyzed concerning the targeted individuals and their activities. It is all part of the continuing cat and mouse game played by intelligence operatives around the world.

Post Q# 1909 on 8/16/18 (in part):
Fake emails.
Game forum comms.

As the Deep State/Coup Plotters should have guessed in advance, the Xbox Live Party Chat logs are obtainable. It should becoming clear that Nellie Ohr’s HAM radio transmissions, the Gmail “Ghost Draft” messages, and all of these Xbox chat logs are in the White Hat’s hands.

Post Q# 1124 on 4/10/18 (in part):
We have it all.
These people are stupid.

“Q” has been advising that there will be a process of “Dark to Light” with the Great Awakening. The upcoming FISA DECLAS and release of related material will make bring the entire ObamaGate/SpyGate conspiracy into the public’s attention.

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