Mueller’s Forgotten Deputy Director-meet John Pistole !!!


Inquiring minds want to know the “skinny” about the 2009 FBI arrangement with Oleg Deripaska. John Pistole was the FBI Deputy Director (Mueller’s # 2) from 2004-2010.

Post Q# 1345 on 5/12/18 (in part):
$1.7b in-cash transfer to Iran [4 routes] [5 planes].

Pistole started with the FBI in 1983 and assumed the second in command role in 2004. John was appointed by BHO to head the TSA as the Administrator in 2010. Pistole left government service in 2014 and currently President of the Christian based Anderson University (he is an alumni).

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Panic in DC re: Baker confirmed?
Huber > Horowitz > Storch.

While at the TSA, Pistole was under constant controversy from the public. Incompetent screeners, long lines, and complaints over “pat downs” were frequent. After 9/11, John headed the FBI Counterterrorism Division.

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Oleg Deripaska was approached by Mueller and Pistole in 2009 to help with the freeing of captive Robert Levinson from Iran. The FBI made a quid pro quo deal and after Deripaska personally spent over $25 million, it looked like Levinson would be released. The deal was killed by HRC at the last minute.

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Every battle is won before it’s ever fought.
Are you awake?

Deripaska is a central figure in the unfolding SpyGate scandal. Oleg was approached again in 2016 by the FBI, this time to discuss Trump-Russia possible collusion with his pal Vladimir.
Pistole has had a long personal relationship with both VP Pence and DNI Costs, via home state Indiana. Time will tell as to the details and agreements made back in 2009 with Deripaska.

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By all appearances Pistole was a good guy surrounded by bad dudes (Rogers/Flynn). Remember that POTUS selected Wray in May 2017 to be the new FBI Director, Pistole was the runner-up.

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