Coronavirus L type and S Type, Fearporn or Real Life Impact


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Here is the latest on the coronavirus; 

We are gonna talk about,

  • How it’s evolving and how it’s mutating.

I’ve warned people about this before and it seems as though there are at least two distinct strains now. One is far more infectious than the other.

Now, the deaths from coronavirus are far lower than your average flu deaths. Meanwhile, suddenly the fake news is hyping the fear. So much so, that President Trump is telling the fake news makers outright that they are hyping the fear. 

Having said that, I still feel that there are some things to be concerned about. Not the “freaking out and crashing the stock market and everything else” kind of concerned. 

But there are upcoming things to prepare for. 

This, even if the virus is a hundred percent fake and doesn’t kill anybody, which it does.

We’re gonna separate fact from fiction.

  • Is it fear? is that all it is? is there more to it? what’s happening? what’s happened? 

We won’t go all the way into what’s happened though. It’s a big topic to cover already.

  • What are the unintended consequences that we will face? That we are facing because of the virus itself?

So there are the secondary and the third factors that come into play.

THE FIRST FACTOR maybe: I’ll know the virus is spreading!

THE SECOND FACTOR maybe: The stock market just tanked like 40% of its gains since 2016!

THE THIRD FACTOR maybe: You’re starting to see empty store shelves across America!

THE FOURTH FACTOR maybe: A run on the medical system itself. Kind of like a bank run. Where we even have warnings now from people, whom President Trump has appointed for this, that we may over tax our medical system and overwhelm it! 

So even if in the best-case scenario this is just another flu, you’re still going to see a lot of people that need to be hospitalized 

  • How this virus spreads much faster than the flu.
  • Some details on the  more dangerous strain. 
  • How reinfection could be even worse. That, this may be the real threat here. Where the reinfection attacks your central nervous system causes the cytokine storm.

We’re gonna go through all this and more…

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