The FloodGates of Islam just Opened. +Coronavirus Weaponized v MAGA


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Today’s updates are on all things clown show and coronavirus and include… 

  • Whistleblower says the Russian collusion matter was all a setup.
  • Regarding Coronavirus, Kids may not get it but may carry it; Denver Communist Official vows to attend Trump rally if infected, and a man suspiciously passes out on NY city street.
  • A Migrant was shot dead by Greek Police at the border as millions of Refugees move towards the EU from Turkey.

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Clownshow – Rollercoaster. Dark to Light. End of War, Killary in Court

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  1. Dustin – Followed your videos on and off for a while now. Much good material which I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Thank you. I’m hearing the same ‘facts’ from different sources regarding this virus. Still, Robert David Steele has a short video that gives another slant. Please do not take offense – I’m not saying other information is wrong. Only that so much of what I’m hearing seems manipulative rather than for our true protection.