Dangerous Pfizer Covid Jab Fraud Fully Exposed


Edward Dowd, former BlackRock portfolio manager, is speaking out about the real motivations behind the plandemic, which include a global debt problem and an imminent global financial collapse. The scamdemic was never really about Covid-19, but instead, a power grab by globalists and corrupt governments. After the Great Financial Crisis, the decision was made to increase the money supply, but this debt-based financial system is unsustainable and Dowd believes it is on the brink of collapse. Restrictions on travel, “vaccine” passports, and excessive censorship enforced as measures to control the plandemic are all a global way to control the collapse and its aftermath. One of Dowd’s friends in the biotech industry told him that the all-cause mortality endpoint had been missed by Pfizer in the original clinical trial, which means that in the genocide jab group there were more deaths than in the placebo group. Interestingly, the biotech executives who saw the Pfizer data decided they were not going to get boosters, and the people who were not injected were not going to get the clot shot. Looking to Wall Street may give evidence that what Dowd says is correct. Big Pharma criminal cartel’s stocks are falling; Moderna’s stock is down 70%.

Former BlackRock portfolio manager Edward Dowd, another patriot in the movement, is speaking out about the real motivations behind the scamdemic, which he believes is not about Covid-19 at all. Instead, it is all about money! He believes it is specifically a global debt problem and an imminent global collapse of the financial system. During his career, Dowd witnessed corporate fraud and then bank fraud. He now believes we are in the last phase, which involves central banks (privately owned) and tyrannical governments (new terrorists organizations of the world). Dowd stated: “A lot of the regulatory agencies have been captured by deep-pocketed money interests, and so far we have to spread the word and awareness through educating people, because the governments aren’t going to come and rescue us this time. We, the people, are going to do it, I believe.”

Dowd became suspicious of Covid-19 jabs early on, as he reviewed the data on side effects from the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). “These jabs kill and maim people. That’s my personal belief, and I think I’m 100% correct,” he said. Dowd has been analyzing death rates before and after the Covid genocide jabs became widespread, and found mortality rates worsened in 2021. In 2021, the shots became prevalent, compared to 2020. I discussed in previous articles how death rates among young people soared. Life insurance companies are seeing a 40% rise in mortality rates for 18- to 64-year-olds, and in private funeral homes, business is booming.

The global debt bubble is at its peak! The plandemic was the perfect cover for central banks to print more money (causing hyperinflation) for an “emergency.” Under the cover of Covid they were able to print 65% more money to keep the narrative afloat, but as Dowd noted, “we are at the end days here.” After the Great Financial Crisis, the decision was made to increase the money supply (Fiat currency), but for every dollar you create, you create a dollar in debt, which then gets multiplied around the world. The debt-based financial system is on the brink of complete failure. Dowd stated: “My overarching thesis is that we have a global debt problem, and after the Great Financial Crisis (of 2007-2008), all central banks and governments started pumping money into the system.” Since 2008, the central banks have cooperated to keep the debt bubble adrift, but it can’t stay afloat forever. A good example of this was the negative yielding bonds in Europe. Travel restrictions, “vaccine” passports, and excessive censorship were enacted as measures to control the plandemic and all a global way to control the apparent collapse. Dowd believes this has been put in place, under the masquerade of medical care: “If you know a debt bubble is going to blow up, and pensions won’t be able to be paid and people’s life savings wiped out, wouldn’t it be interesting to use Covid as cover to set up a system to prevent all that from happening, a medical system…under the guise of medical welfare or help. It’s a stealth tyrannical system that can be switched from medical to riot prevention pretty quick.” Dowd believes the crash is guaranteed and just a “matter of time.” Unfortunately, no one can predict when this will be, but probably sooner than later.

Evidence of fraud in Pfizer’s Covid shot trials and disturbing Department of Defense (DOD) data on Covid jab adverse events is just a matter of time before the perpetrators behind the schemes are held accountable (Nuremberg 2.0). For instance, three DOD whistleblowers announced after examining the data, revealed significant increases in rates of miscarriage (spontaneous abortion), cancer, neurological disease, and stillbirths since the genocide jabs rolled out. This in turn, combined with illegal public health mandates doesn’t add up. The response by tyrannical governments makes no sense for a virus that doesn’t kill 99.9% of the population. Plus, they are all unified in their determination to put digital “vaccination/pass-ports in effect. They all want us to get the genocide jab, and it is too unified. The systems, including ever-expanding plans for digital currency, “vaccine” passports, and digital IDs, are being implemented for control and power. While digital IDs are being promoted as convenient and easy, underneath is the ability to track, to tax, and control everything you do. If you buy the “wrong” products or foods, you could be penalized or heavily taxed. Plus, there is no limit of how high the tax can go or what products could be affected. A good example of this is Luciferian Gates pushing his fake meat campaign in lieu of real animal protein, which is another way to turn people off animal-based protein. They want you to get sick and die, or at the very least stay weak. According to Dowd, “It’s a total enslavement system, and they can cut off your digital currency if you behave badly, like they do in China…digital currency and social credit will be tied. If you are a ’bad citizen,’ they turn it off and you disappear.” Dowd believes that we have to have a monetary system that is no longer debt-based, and a barter-based system that will go from global back to local. He encourages developing human relationships locally, away from evil empires such as Amazon. Similarly, he wants us to develop a network of people that we can trust. If you think a financial crash is looming, Dowd offered these warning signs of imminent financial collapse:

  • Lots of currency fluctuations versus the dollar
  • Bond market yields rising fast, because they have been kept artificially low
  • Signs of officials no longer speaking in public
  • Watch equity markets and prices of gold and silver


Dowd was wary of receiving the Covid genocide jab from the beginning. He declared Operation Warp Speed a disaster from the very start. He noted the injection is experimental and that it normally takes 7 to 10 years for safety data for shots to be effective (human clinical trials). Dowd saw adverse events with the clot shots being reported to VAERS database early on, so he was suspicious and didn’t take the jab. Then, around November, a friend in the biotech industry told him the all-cause mortality endpoint had been overlooked by evil Pfizer in the original trials. In other words, there were more deaths in the jab group than in the placebo group. Normally, during the drug approval process, if the endpoint fails, then the medication does not get approved. Dowd said: “When that came out in November, the biotech executives who saw that decided they weren’t going to get the boosters, and the people who weren’t ‘vaxxed’ were not going to get ‘vaxxed.’” Dowd started to share his thoughts on Twitter. Around that time, the fraudulent FDA decided to hide the clinical data from the trials for 75 years. Another whistleblower Brooke Jackson, a former regional director employed by a Pfizer subcontractor Ventavia Research Group, which was testing Pfizer’s Covid injections. She witnessed falsifying data, unblinded patients, inadequately trained “vaccinators” and lack of proper follow-up on adverse events that were reported. After notifying her superiors at Ventavia, repeatedly, about her concerns, she made a complaint to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. She was then fired the same day. The corruption is unbelievable!

If you thought you were done with the Covid jabs after the first two or three doses, you are mistaken. The end-game was revealed by Project Veritas, in which FDA executive officer of countermeasures initiative Christopher Cole speaks about the FDA’s conflicts of interest. He told the reporter that you have to get an annual Covid genocide jab. He explained: “I mean, it hasn’t been formerly announced yet because they don’t want to, like, rile everyone up. Well there’s a money incentive for Pfizer and the drug companies to promote additional ‘vaccinations’…it’ll be a recurring fountain of revenue. It might not be that much initially, but it’ll be recurring – if they can – if they can get every person required at an annual ‘vaccine,’ that is a recurring return of money going into their company…that’s one of the benefits.” Cole also mentioned fake president Biden wants to inoculate as many people as possible. Big Pharma criminal cartel is trying to get Covid genocide jab approved for children five years old or less, including toddlers. I don’t know about you, but I had enough of the child sacrifice to “Baal” Pharma. Listen to how fraudulent FDA responded to Cole’s remarks: “The person purportedly in the video does not work on ‘vaccine’ matters and does not represent the views of the FDA.” That sounds like the Democratic Party when confronted in a lie, just make up some more lies. However, looking to Wall Street may give some of the proof that what Dowd says is true, Big Pharma stocks are dropping. In summary, Dowd believes the answer is each person speaking up for freedom, getting involved, and no longer remaining silent. Peaceful noncompliance to the Deep State and Fauci the Freemason is the best way to stand for freedom. Remember for any rabbit hole you want to go down about the Deep State, Freemasonry, Baal Worship, or Bible history, go to TheSerapeum.com. May Yahweh bless all and be well.


Story Covered By: Ed J. Janicki


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