Daniel Best’s Suicide: ‘Self-Bludgeoned’ = Arkancide !!!


Industry leader and former big Pharma executive Daniel Best reportedly committed suicide on 11/11/18. Best was discovered in an unresponsive state by his Washington DC apartment.

Post Q# 694 on 2/7/18 (in part):
When does big pharma make money?
Curing or containing?

Only 49 years of age apparently Daniel killed himself by bashing his own head into a wall. The term is called self-bludgeon and is one of the rarest forms of suicide reportedly known.

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Why is Big Pharma essential?

The police report stated that Best had multiple blunt force injuries. Strange how untimely deaths can alter the course of an ongoing investigation.

Best was a top executive for CVS and Pfizer before becoming Senior Adviser to industry pal HHS Secretary Alex Azar. Best was leading the effort to lower prescription drug costs and total Medicaid/Medicare expenses.

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It was joked the Azar/Best knew where all the big Pharma bodies are buried. Best gave an interview two days before his sudden death where he outlined a plan to save $50 billion in just 8 years.

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Best was from fly-over Bay Village/OH and vowed to make drug care affordable for all of America. Daniel was concerned about fake scientific studies and the side-effects of some vaccines.

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Diseases created by families in power (pop control + pharma billions kB).

On 11/15/18 the DC Medical Examiner declared Best’s death a suicide. Several other specious deaths have occurred in recent times relating to big Pharma and MSM reporters covering this field.

Many will remember back to last year and the bizarre death of Pulitzer Prize winning WSJ reporter Joe Rago. Additionally new CNN reporter Michael J. Feeney died this Fall. Both Rago/Feeney were doing critical articles negative on the pharmaceutical field.

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Anon question: How long will we have to wait for the cures of cancer and other sicknesses?
QAnon: They know we know which means the public will know.

Of related note are the strange deaths of reporters Jen Moore and Bre Payton. All of these victims were young and in relatively normal health for their age.

The anti-whistleblower term that summarizes questionable deaths most accurately is ‘Arkancide’. It has been understood and established that it is a death sentence to testify against the ruling Deep State powers to be.

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Our attack on big pharma came w/9 warning letters today.

The Great Awakening will usher in a new environment of law and order once again. The end of the two-tier system of justice is a keystone of President Trump’s promised goals.

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