Another ‘Boomerang’-The Return of AG William Barr !!!


Public optics do not matter when employing the cleaver ‘Scaramucci Model’. As previously demonstrated by Anthony in sweeping out some RINOs for POTUS. Just ask Spicer/Priebus  about temporary hires being very dangerous.

Post Q# 2654 on 1/6/19:
Scaramucci model?
Public opinion (optics) do not matter.

Temps can be very dangerous to those who are targeted.

Current nominee for US Attorney General(AG) is former AG William Barr. Barr served without major blemish as our AG under Bush 41 from 1991-93.

Post Q# 2462 on 11/9/18 (in part):
Who did SESSIONS appoint in NOV 2017?

William Barr brings to the table both prior experience as well as big league credibility. Barr headed the DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel (the lawyers lawyer).

Post Q# 537 on 1/14/18 (in part):
Who can WE TRUST?
TRAITORS everywhere.

The US Senate will begin hearings on Barr’s nomination on 1/15/19. This confirmation is almost guaranteed due to the solid universal support within the Republican controlled Senate.

Post Q# 551 on 1/18/18 (in part):
Why was RR chosen to be asst AG?

Two little blips on the radar map have appeared in William’s past history. One question mark surrounds the Iran Contra fiasco and the other incredibly involves past relationships in the CIA.

Post Q# 2560 on 12/6/18 (in part):

“Compromised: Clinton, Bush, and the CIA” by former CIA officer Terry Reed highlights Barr’s possible CIA connections. Due to extensive scrubbing of Barr’s intelligence background it is still unconfirmed.

Post Q# 1318 on 5/8/18 (in part):
Who is the AG?

Connections place Barr back with Bush 41 when he was the CIA Director. Barr’s undercover name was Robert Johnson and he worked with Oliver North/Barry Seal with implementing Iran Contra.

Post Q# 2072 on 9/3/18 (in part):
So therefore nothing must be happening?

The high-powered law firm of Kirkland and Ellis has employed Barr between government gigs. Other Kirkland alumni include John Bolton and Ken Starr.

Post Q# 1520 on 6/17/18 (in part):
Do you believe in coincidences?
Have faith.

President Trump said in a 2019 new conference that “By appointing acting Cabinet heads, it gives me much more flexibility”. Anons already knew that thanks to the Q’s Scaramucci Model.

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