Steele’s FIFA Dossier Connects to Trump Dossier via FBI Gaeta !!!


FBI agent Michael Gaeta headed the Eurasian Crime Squad. Mike’s team gets credit for the uncovering massive bribery in the bidding process of FIFA’s (Federation Int’l Football Association) World Cup soccer matches.

Post Q# 2160 on 9/11/18:
Panic in DC.
Steele req non_extradition to U.S.?
US-UK extradition treaty 2003.

The economic benefits to the winning host country of a World Cup is the equivalent to hosting a Super Bowl. Gaeta’s investigations lead to the resignation of several top FIFA staff.

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Sepp Blatter was the head of FIFA from 1998-2015 when the bid rigging scandal. Christopher Steele worked for a ‘spies for hire’ firm called Orbis.

Post Q 2630 on 12/20/18 (in part):
How many senior FBI and DOJ officials have been removed?

In 2010 Orbis/Steele got a contact from the U.K. to help land the 2018 World Cup bid. After Russia magically got the 2018 event combined with Qatar garnishing the 2022 matches, all other bidding countries went totally ballistic.

Post Q# 1743 on 7/28/18 (in part):
Was the Truth revealed re: FISA/Dossier?

Steele produced a FIFA Dossier and shared it with FBI agent Mike Gaeta an acquaintance from an Oxford seminar. Gaeta’s takedown of FIFA lead to Steele providing ongoing intelligence information to BHO’s State Department through Victoria Nuland.

Post Q# 1708 on 7/25/18 (in part):
Creation of fake intel dossier using ex spy.

Victoria Nuland would receive Steele’s memos concerning Russia/Ukraine from 2014-16. This laid the foundation for Steele being a past credible source for both the FBI and State Department.

Post Q# 1974 on 8/28/18 (in part):
If the FAKE Steele Dossier constitutes the ‘bulk’ of the ‘facts submitted’ to FISC to obtain FISA warrant(s) against POTUS…..

In the Spring of 2016 decisions were made to incorporate Steele into the Crossfire Hurricane/SpyGate plot. Victoria Nuland green lighted the 7/5/16 London meeting with Steele and FBI’s Strzok/Gaeta/and McCabe.

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The official FBI’s Counterintelligence Division probe of Donald Trump would not begin until 7/31/16. This was the launch point of the Russian ‘collusion delusion’ narrative by the Deep State.

Post Q# 718 on 2/11/18 (in part):
71 [187]
[1] targeted.

Lisa Page has given testimony which reveals Mike Gaeta personally received the Trump Dossier from Chris Steele while in London. The spiderweb elements of ObamaGate/SpyGate reach out on an international basis.

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