The US 470th Military Intelligence Brigade and QAnon !!!


Post # 2007 on 8/30/18 (in part):
HUBER + IG + 470?

Below is an authorized comment from Ms. Monica Yoas the Public Affairs Officer of the US 470th Military Intelligence Brigade:

Does the 470th MI Brigade have anything official to say about QAnon (Patriot):

“There is no connection between the 470th Military Intelligence Brigade and QAnon (Patriot). The 470th MI Brigade – Theater sets the theater for intelligence for Army South (ARSOUTH) and U.S. Southern Command’s(USSOUTHCOM) area of responsibility by providing multi-disciplinary intelligence in support of multinational operations and security cooperation in order to obstruct and deter trans-regional threat networks while strengthening regional security through an enterprise methodology. We provide trained and tailored teams as well as other enterprise capabilities to support global contingency operations. Our headquarters are located at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.”

Post Q# 1660 on 7/11/18 (in part):
Think 470.
The more you know.

QAnon has directly pointed out the 470th in several prior drops. It is only natural that we reached out to this fine military unit for official comment.

Post Q# 2007 on 9/30/18 (in part):
Who prosecutes?
Team of 470?

The 470th was originally activated in 1944 at the end of World War 2. Primary responsibility was the protection of the Panama Canal Zone.

Post Q# 1659 on 7/1/18 (in part):
Who has that kind of manpower?

The Panama Canal was a critical passage for our Navy between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. As the European theatre conflict wound down, all troops were transferred to the Pacific region.

Post Q# 1318 on 5/18/18 (in part):
’Horowitz oversees a nationwide workforce of more than 450 special agents, auditors, inspectors, attorneys, and support staff.

The 470th mission statement highlights they provide tailored multi-disciplined intelligence and counterintelligence. Primary support provided to the US Army (ARSOUTH) and US Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM).

Post Q# 1553 on 6/18/18 (in part):
General Michael Horowitz who is working with Huber has a staff of 470 investigators.

A speech quote from General Mike Flynn outlines his belief in a very large “Digital Army of Citizen Journalists”. General Flynn says “This was irregular warfare at its finest in politics”.

Post Q# 2072 on 9/13/18 (in part):
Huber…..assigned team of 470 investigators (attorney) + IG + legal jurisdiction across all 50 states, is not a ‘special counsel’ so therefore nothing is being done.

We have noticed the extra special working relationships with Sean Hannity/Sara Carter/& John Solomon and the Q-Team. In a prior post I mentioned the fact of ‘read-in’ assistants often being a component of intel operations.

Post Q# 11 on 10/29/17 (in part):
Military Intelligence vs FBI CIA NSA.

Of local interest is one of our own has mentioned her (FeistyCat) past association with the 470th MI. Even though the Public Relation Officer semi disavowed the QAnon association, as QAnon says “Future Proves Past” !!!

Post Q# 89 on 11/5/17 (in part):
FBI/MI currently have open investigations into the CF.

Thank you to all of the fine men and women serving our country in uniform. A special shout out to all of the Patriots from the 470th MI Brigade!

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