De-Mysifying the Fake News Caricature of Q. ‘Satanic Cabal of Democrats Eating Children’ v Citizen Journalism


In This Report:

We dive into the usual caricatured attacks on Q that the fake news relies on to ridicule (and thus avoid addressing the evidence put forth by) a movement Forbes says represents over 56% of the Republican Party to some degree.

What is fact? What is fiction? Here’s how to counter the Fake News’ Bullschiff

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  1. I got this in my feed 2 days ago, a meme that tells it all: ‘Fact checkers didn’t exist until the truth started to get out’. So true!!

    Dustin, do you ever follow or listen to Jessie Czebotar, Illuminate the Darkness? She is also on David Zublick Dark outpost, but of course, gone now. Jessie told of being raised in one of the 13 families and being brought up in the ‘System”. Supposedly working with the government but still named Gen Aquina, Brennan, HRC and a few others. Obama has taken George Soros place as the High Priest etc. She is a Christian, has been since 3yrs old and tells of her existence and how the Lord brought her out so she can take them down.