Different International Political Agenda For Pope Francis


“The document of 2/4/19 presents an international political agenda of Pope Francis which is a radical departure from diplomatic policy of the Holy See (sovereign government of the Vatican state) for the past century.

At its basis it is deceptive and fraudulent for the following reasons

While posing as an agreement of principles between the Pope and the Imam of the Sunni branch of the Moslem faith, its statements contradict fundamental and inviolable commandments of the Koran. The acceptance of these statements automatically have no value to any orthodox Moslem in spite of the Imam’s agreement.

1) The Koran states that Allah (God) is the only God, and is not a Trinity, nor is the God in the Trinity, or of the Trinity.

2) Jesus Christ is not the messiah, but is a holy prophet, therefore human and not divine.

3) Heresy is a capital religious crime, and heretics must be killed. It is the solemn mandated duty for Moslems to obey this commandment.

4) Under no circumstances may Islam be in any way changed or reformed. The Koran may not be altered, amended or inhibited as the full authority for Islamic doctrine. Islamic states may not allow any law other than Koran based Sharia law. A state is not Islamic without Sharia law.

The proposed principles of the Pope’s document explicitly contradict these inviolable commandments of the Koran. Therefore the Imam could only have signed it for some political expediency or gain. Otherwise it is a clear death sentence for the Imam. What could possibly be his motivations ?

From the opposite point of view, the document explicitly contradicts core Catholic dogma. It denies the unique divinity of Jesus Christ, and the clear, specific and exclusive teachings for salvation provided to humanity by the church.

The crafting of this document is a wide departure from tradition in several respects. It has no canonical basis, and is blatantly heretical. It is amateurishly written, filled with internal contradictions and vague generalities and contemporary cultural platitudes. However it does have a clear purpose, which is to promote the agenda of international socialist globalism.

The document presented by Pope Francis on 2/4/19 was not authorized by the authoritative council or college of bishops of which there are about 5,000. For church law to be amended they must physically meet in person and agree unanimously to authorize any change, not by a simple majority vote. The Pope does not have power to change church law or religious dogma. His authority rests on the unanimous backing of the bishops.


The Holy See is a sovereign state representing over half of all Christians who

are the largest single organized religion in the world.

There are about 1.2 billion Catholics mainly from Europe and the Americas

who have distinctive cultural values and traditions. Therefore Catholicism is purely European. Its legal and political structure is nearly identical to that of the anient Roman empire.

The next biggest religion is Islam which is divided into two factions each of which declares the other to be heretical and a deadly enemy. The majority faction (Sunni)

numbers 1.08 billion and minority (Shia) is 720 million. The Sunni faction is dominated by Saudi Arabia. Before WW1 it was dominated by the Turkish Ottoman empire.

Christians total 2.4 billion in the world and Moslems 1.8 billion. No Christian sect permits persecuting or killing Christians from other sects, but the two Moslem sects publicly advocate death and destruction of the other Moslem sect as well as death and destruction for all other religions.


Each page of The orthodox KORAN is written IN THREE COLUMNS SIDE BY


the Christian doctrine that it contradicts, with explanation as to why it is wrong,

and the third column does the same for Judaic teachings, IT IS CRYSTAL


THERE is no room for compromise or disagreement,