Dr. Peter McCullough Testifies in Texas…”Pandemic Lessons Learned”


Reported by: America Out Loud

After 8 hours of bureaucratic reports from public health officials, a familiar theme had emerged in the Texas Senate HHS Committee: where was the data and report on early treatment to prevent hospitalization and death. Government agencies and medical school officials were repeatedly asked that question, and none of them had answers.

Even a data-model expert from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center did not consider early treatment in models to predict hospitalization. This was a stunning revelation as modern estimates have early treatment resulting in a 95% reduction in the risk of hospitalization and death. This means any COVID-19 data model is useless unless it considers whether or not patients receive early therapeutics for SARS-CoV-2.

The formal expert testimony was captioned by Dr. Peter McCullough. It was 17 minutes long and worth every second of your time to watch his comments organized into:

1) early treatment as a community standard of care, 2) vaccine safety, 3) censorship and reprisal for health professionals who go against the official false narrative and provide medical truth through their clinical care, research, and expert analysis.


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