Unstoppable Food: Survival Gardening Tricks To Outgrow The Coming Famine.


No Till nor Plow, No Compost Piles, No Watering, No Fertilizer Purchased, No Weeding, Edenic Food Forest Permaculture

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Unstoppable Exponential (“Invasive” Hah!) Food Plants:

(We have a heavy focus on perennials, which are plant once and harvest for years, rather than annuals – which are more fragile, and must generally be replanted each year. – but are the varieties people are more familiar with)


Mulberry (And Other Weedlike) Trees: I started with 3 Mulberry trees a few months back, and I now have around 20-30 of these trees scattered around (most of which I keep at 7 feet height, because thats as far up as I can reach to harvest them – so I keep them bushy)

Delicious year round harvests of berries (depending on breed) and edible green leaves that grow large and are useful as food or tea. (Caution, some berries stain)

Such as Japanese Knotweed, incredibly difficult to destroy. It’s like a weaponized aggressive form of antiparasitic delicious edible miracle plant. Think of it like a Virus in the form of roots. Use with caution, may destroy concrete and decimate cityscapes

Unstoppable Food: N Florida (Zone 9) Edibles

Lablab and Scarlet Runner (or other forms of Runner Beans) – Perennials

Nine Star Broccoli – Perennial Broccoli

Perennial Cucumber –


Sweet Potatoes (Multiple Locally Hardy Varieties For Genetic Hardiness)

Potatoes (Multiple Locally Hardy Varieties For Genetic Hardiness)

Note with Potatoes its best to not continue planting the same potato type in the same bed for multiple consecutive years as pests which prey on that type will build up. Some people rotate fresh soil into raised beds or barrels or bags. I cut rain barrels in half and drilled holes for handle ropes and made giant raised garden tubs (drilled drain holes at bottom 2 inches up for a water reservoir) and can dump these each year for fresh soil – old soil becomes new beds.





This works well with sweet potato and tomatoes, take the vines and bury them every so often to produce entirely new plants. 1 plant can cover your entire back yard quickly with this method. Train it where you want it to go!


Most plants can be grown from cuttings. A clone, each plant varies: But basically you cut a stem, trim the leaves off (maybe leave 1, depending on plant) and put it in wet dirt.


If you lookup which species are cousins, such as Mulberries and Figs – with a little practice, you can have a mulberry base and a fig branch, and wow your friends by grafting plants together to make multi-fruit miracles.

Remineralizing Soils:

How to Remineralize the Earth: Getting vital nutrients back into our soil

+ borax + ash + salt?

Fertilizer Meat Synergies:

Rabbits+Cages: More meat per year than a cow, and perfect “cold” fertilizer. I place each rabbit cage on T posts with Pipe Strap Clamps (The round things that tighten up) over a guild of plants to feed that entire guild fresh cold fertilizer, the chickens help spread it around – and I plant Mexican sunflowers beneath each rabbit cage to partially feed the rabbit in a CLOSED LOOP EFFICIENT SYSTEM

Chickens +Incubator: 1 Chicken can produce 1 egg every 1-2 days. Incubate the Eggs for more chickens.

These eat grass, it’s free and grows everywhere.

Chickens also love bugs.


Unstoppable Food Episode 6: Livestock Nipples Changed My Life

Livestock Nipples

Rabbit Nipples Site

3/4″ MNPT x 1/8″ FNPT Nylon Reducer Bushing (hard to find! saves money on extra connections)

Companion Planting:

This can take many forms, but here’s some examples:

Marigolds near your plants to deter pests

Comfrey at every tree to restore nitrogen and pull nutrients from deep earth for surface deposit (automatically feeds your Trees & chickens with a medicinal groundcover)

You’ll get the idea, play with it and research what works and what doesn’t.

Strawberries below Blueberries below Mulberries (loves/loves/doesn’t mind acidic soil! Sprinkle slow release elemental sulfur pellets (NEVER ALUMINUM SULFATE) to fix PH towards acidity over time)

Not everything likes the same soil, moisture, PH, etc.



I like to position my Rabbit cages centered in my plant guilds (groups) where the manure rains down for the chickens to spread. No fertilizer ever required! Rabbit Manure is NOT too hot for plants! Caution on directly above anything as Urine can still burn the plants in concentration.

(Worms also love rabbit manure)


Raised Beds:

Recycled Tires: Safe? – They use em on kids playgrounds… Free!

Logs – Organic, all natural, quite likely FREE !


How to Grow Potatoes in a Tower


Permaculture Layers:

Breakthrough Species – First Planted

Mexican Sunflower

Castor Bean (TOXIC POISON TO LIVESTOCK AND HUMANS) – Excellent shade and canopy layer, drops excellent green fertilizer mulch (dried leaves, huge)

Overstory Trees – Tallest

Understory Trees


I went mostly various kinds of BERRIES!

Favorite locally adapted Berry Bushes & Leafy Greens


Herbs, favorite leafy greens. Think hardy perennials

Ground Layer

Strawberry, Sweet potatoes, Peanuts, etc. (Think: Protect the soil from sun!, And Kill competing invasive GRASS! with something USEFUL!)


Taro, Cassava, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Air Potatoes, True Yams,


Fruit such as muscadines (hardy), Kiwi, etc

Greens such as Cucumber, Malabar Spinach, Caucasian Mountain Spinach, etc

Tubers such as Air Potatoes






PH Balancing
Cold Stratified Seeds
Soaking Seeds
2nd Crop (Growing Season long)
Seasonal Planting
Companion Planting
Active Soil Management
Proper Rotation Grazing
Bee Hives
Copper Saturation
Copper Tools
Sonic Bloom
Food Grade – H202 Hydrogen Peroxide
Lawful 3year Wait
Tithing First Fruits (per Plant!)


Incredible Resources

David the Good (Youtube)

Garden Fundamentals


Hoseanna Homestead’s “Unstoppable Food” Series

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