Exponential Food: No BullSchiff Survival Gardening Tricks To Outgrow The Coming Famine. Check Back for Updates


Exponential Food: No BullSchiff Survival Gardening Tricks To Outgrow The Coming Famine.

Check Back for Updates

Unstoppable Food: Japanese Knotweed, incredibly difficult to destroy. It’s like a weaponized aggressive form of plant food. Think of it like a Virus in the form of roots.

Use with caution, may destroy concrete and decimate cityscapes

Exponential Food:

Rabbits+Cages: More meat per year than a cow, and perfect “cold” fertilizer.
Chickens +Incubator: 1 Chicken can produce 1 egg every 1-2 days. Incubate the Eggs for more chickens.

These eat grass, it’s free and grows everywhere.

Chickens also love bugs.

Mulberry (And Other Weedlike) Trees: I started with 3 Mulberry trees a few months back, and I have now taken cuttings from new growth around the root base (I don’t even have to cut from the tree with Mulberries it’s weedlike…) and have about 30 small Mulberry trees in pots that will be ready to transplant soon.

Delicious year round harvests of berries (depending on breed) and edible green leaves that grow large and are useful as food or tea. (Caution, some berries stain)



This works well with sweet potato and tomatoes, take the vines and bury them every so often to produce entirely new plants. 1 plant can cover your entire back yard quickly with this method. Train it where you want it to go!


Most plants can be grown from cuttings. A clone, each plant varies: But basically you cut a stem, trim the leaves off (maybe leave 1, depending on plant) and put it in wet dirt.


If you lookup which species are cousins, such as Mulberries and Figs – with a little practice, you can have a mulberry base and a fig branch, and wow your friends by grafting plants together to make multi-fruit miracles.

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