GloboClimatism: The Radical Cult of Infertility & Doom


Modern education delivers untouched minds to propaganda.

Due to climate hysteria, genetic lines are dying out left and center.

A Real Solution: Inspire people to fight the worldview of consumerism pushed by the anti-nation anti-culture anti-family global elites. A return to your roots, a reawakening of your people’s healthy culture, achievement of national self-sufficiency where possible, no more junk food, junk products, junk information, junk entertainment & distraction & deceit & degeneracy, no more ‘here today gone tomorrow’ disposable view of things – a real revival of real life, authentic living, now and for generations to come.

Fake Solution: To simply remove your bloodline from the future of humanity and thus hand the future and the planet over entirely to people who don’t give a first or second thought to the destruction of earth and its diversity of creatures – this is the height of suicidal lunacy. This is the course of action to follow if your goal is to doom the planet into the ownership of those who do not care for it. Your genetic line could be living in accordance with nature for the next thousand years – giving voice to the voiceless thrumming ball of Life.

If you care about the planet remaining hospitable for life – defiantly in the face of the growing billions of people who do not care – your goal should be to have as many children as possible, so that the future belongs to you. Saying it is no longer ethical to have children is to be as wrong as it is possible to be wrong.

Immigration – Urbanisation – Deforestation

The pushers of the infertility cult are fighting to make extinct all people who will stand up for NATURE & HARMONY.


European Babies Are On The Decline

At this rate, the great European family of nations around the world will have no say in the future of this planet because we are giving it away.

The Power Grab

The ‘One World Government’ salesmen are louder than ever, using their CO2 Scare and their control of the hysterical media to agitate for the centralised ownership of every country and every ethnic group on the planet. We are fighting against a shameless power grab by the corrupt global elite attempting to control all the world’s resources and all the world’s people.

Divide and Conquer: Diversity and Conquest. The corrupt global elites are attempting to force you to relinquish every claim on the future of the planet.

China Belching

29% of all carbon emissions are from China

If you are worried about CO2, you need to solve China. If China cannot be solved then “the CO2 crisis” cannot be solved. How will you gain influence over China in this matter? You could start by buying no more Chinese products. Climate activists hassle their governments and the public for measures like plastic straws and shopping bags and electric cars – while totally ignoring the gigantic dragon in the room. How often do “global warming activists” promote the boycotting of Chinese goods? They do not. Instead they tell you to not have children, so the future planet earth belongs entirely to China and the runaway growth of Africa.


Africa Rising

Africa’s population is set to quadruple over the next 80 years – to 4 BILLION

If you are worried about the climate and worldwide ecocide, how will you stop the only place with population growth? Western countries are fuelling this, with foreign aid budgets and subsidies.

Over the next 80 years, the West is purchasing an Africa the size of half the planet of today. Almost all Western governments – and the UN and other globalist entities, and all the anti-White media empires and international corporations and global finance capital firms – are discussing, agitating for, and planning for the importing of hundreds and hundreds of millions of these new people, to replace the native populations of the countries of the West.

The “sustainable growth” platitudes of the hostile global elite are empty words. Look at their words and see – they desperately push for massive migrant flows into the West, while promoting infertility to the native Ethnic Europeans. The hostile global elite are attempting to break the backs of European cultures, break their borders wide open, and mix their genetics out of existence, in order to impose their culture: Global High Finance Open Borders Capitalist Rootless Nihilistic Spend Spend Spend And Never Question Your Hostile Rulers As Your Ethnic Group Dies Out And All That Remains is a Global Cultureless Historyless Identityless Communityless Mass Blob of Average Nobodies.




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