Hidden Mickeys and Gingerbread Express Elevator-“Shall We Play A Game”?


The Trump Hotel in Chicago got into the Christmas season by creating an unique display. Team Trump designed The Gingerbread Express Elevator out of real delicious edible ingredients.

Post Q# 2188 on 9/17/18 (in part):
SEPT – – 17 – –
Do you believe in coincidences?

A group of skilled chefs baked hundreds of gingerbread blocks and added masterful designs to this functioning elevator. Anons found hidden throughout this masterpiece QAnon references and shout outs from POTUS.

Post Q# 1133 on 4/11/18:
# 17.

Walt Disney World has committed a team of professional “Imagination Artists” to the Hidden Mickey program. Hidden Mickeys (HM) are a partial or complete image of famed Mickey Mouse.

Post Q# 2080 on 9/4/18:
Anon question: 17 yard line?!
QAnon: What are the odds of that?
They never thought she would lose.

This dedicated Disney artists create these iconic “Mickeys” and deliberately implants them in various semi-hidden locations to be ultimately discovered. The finding of these HM has grown into a cult of thousands searching high and low over all of the Disney facilities.

Post Q# 2419 on 9/5/18:
What # does the passcode add up to?
For Anons…..

The HM are not just to be found at the various worldwide theme parks. HM can be spotted at Disney hotels, restaurants and even aboard their cruise ships.

Post Q# 2246 on 9/21/18:
Nice catch, Anon
decode: Anons caught 17 second Delta

The insertion of the HM has been decades long and several books have been written to this phenomenon. Similar to the insertion of the number 17 by POTUS/Team Q.

Post Q# 2247 on 9/21/18:
Q confirmed: 17 second Delta Time Proof

It has always been recognized that one of the biggest shout out to the Anons is with the number 17. No question it is a direct nod to the QAnon community our Commander In Chief.

Post Q# 2563 on 12/17/18 (in part):
At some point, the Q will be asked.

The number 17 has been regularly used in sly verbal references and written out in Presidential tweets. Trolling like in the hidden QAnon code within The Gingerbread Expresses is priceless.

Post Q# 941 on 3/10/18:
These people are stupid.

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