John McAfee – Hero, Criminal, Defender of Humanity (Alive or Dead?)


McAfee – What Happened to John McAfee & His Dead Man’s Switch?

It’s been over 670 days…

Before he was murdered, McAfee had dedicated his life, wealth and sacred honor to freeing Americans from the control system we’ve all seen hyper accelerated since 2016. Here was his Libertarian presidential Campaign video – showcasing complete honesty, selflessness, and transparency in a desperate, painful plea to wake up the masses. John McAfee was a sinner, perhaps more than most – but he was an honest one. His loss is still felt keenly by those of us who stand as lights against this darkness, which is a little darker since his departure. Like John the Baptist came to pave the way for Jesus Christ (YeShuah). John McAfee, as sinful as any in this late hour of mans final destiny, has helped pave the way for His return. Let’s explore why he had to be silenced by those in power.

John McAfee – Presidential Candidate –

Libertarian John McAfee’s Campaign to Tear Down The Political System –

Threats from US government.

He was a very vocal and influential leader in the crypto currency (sovereign money) movement to escape government’s failing fiat currencies. And we’ve seen how prescient he was on this mark with the quickly accellerating inflationary pressures on every aspect of our lives, impoverishing us all.

He was ahead of his time once again in warning people against the vaccine before it was available, issueing public statements to this effect.

He was exposing the Identity of Bitcoin’s Creator – Satoshi Nakamoto –

He was exposing the identity of Epstein’s likely co-murderer.

1.18.20 – Did John McAfee just name Epsteins MURDERERS! (yes, Multiple) ! HOLY COW! –

There were many reasons for those in power to want McAfee dead. –

McAfee was on the run from the IRS. He was zeroing in on Satoshi’s Identity.
He was calling out specific players who put the killer in Epstein’s room with a purpose. He was actually a major presidential contender in the Libertarian Party in any era other than Trumps..

He was threatening to dump secrets on the elite if anything happened to him…with a dead mans switch

His Death Ruled a Suicide:

He wasn’t suicidal

NY Post Article Here.

What happened to His Body?

His ignoble end in bankruptcy, asset seizure, and fugitive status with the US government highlights what we can all expect in the near future with the lefts rabid thirst for the Great Reset. In the end, few friends stood with this brave man due to persecution, and in his own words, he regretted nothing.

McAfee had claimed a Dead Man’s Switch that would drop 30 TB of data incriminating high level US Government players. Before his suicide, rumor had it his condo collapsed in FL.

Antivirus software creator John McAfee was found dead on June 23 2021 in Spanish prison hours after a court approved his extradition to the U.S.

ZeroHedge Article Here.

Of course… This is John McAfee – he faked his death to escape extradition once.. why not bribe the prison guards to fake a suicide?

Perhaps McAfee Lives.

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