Klaus Eberwein’s Final Autopsy Results-Terminal “Arkancide” !!!


The tragic events on January 12, 2010 and Haitian earthquake aftershocks can still be felt today. Former Haitian Government Official and businessman Klaus Eberwein was such a victim claimed long after this natural disaster.

Post Q# 663 on 2/1/18:
Klaus Eberwein.

Eberwein was found dead in a Miami hotel of an apparent gunshot to the head. Later ruled a suicide except for a questionable suicide note and statements fearing for his life, throw big league shade on the official cause of death.

Post Q# 1881 on 8/15/18 (in part):

Klaus was to testify in an Haitian court about some of the rampant charity fraud by the Clinton Foundation (CF) post earthquake. The international relief campaign raised over $2 billion but very little every made it to needy people.

Post Q# 1551 on 6/18/18 (in part):
CF investigation ongoing.

Eberwein was Haiti’s Director General of Economic Development (FAES) from 2012-2015. Klaus bizarrely was part owner of a Haitian pizza shop and later an Uber driver in Miami.

Post Q# 1753 on 7/29/18 (in part):
Layers (U1, Iran, Human Trafficking, Haiti, Corruption, etc etc).

The Clinton’s and their cronies were involved with the Haitian boondoggle Caracol Industrial Park and the nearby failed electricity generating plant. Eberwein was on the eve of spilling the beans as to the corruption and fraud.

Post Q# 1510 on 6/15/18 (in part):
Note CF children drop in IG report.

Klaus told close friends he feared for his life. Eberwein took part in protests outside the NYC CF Headquarters.

Post Q# 520 on 1/13/18 (in part):
Why is this relevant?

In possibly a related suspicious South Florida death happened 2 months earlier in May 2017. Federal Prosecutor Beranton Whisenant from the Miami US Attorneys office, was found dead on a beach.

Post Q# 1233 on 8/21/18 (in part):
They will lose the Black vote once Haiti revealed.

Whisenant worked the major crimes unit and was looking into fraud and malpractice in Broward County [DWS]. Ruled a suicide via shot to the head, no gun was every discovered. As the world watching the South Florida election fraud occur, bear in mind this regions nefarious background.

Post Q# 1832 on 8/10/18 (in part):
Why are the children in Haiti in high demand?

Yet another untimely death that seems to follow the Clintons-“Arkancide” !!!

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