QAnon: 2nd Most Attacked Entity-“All For A LARP” !!!


The war on QAnon is the war on President Trump and the MAGA movement. “Q” has told us what is obvious to observe, these continued waves of attacks are from both D and R.

Post Q# 2491 on 11/12/18 (in part):
#2 attacked entity by FAKE NEWS [+ Swamp[R + D]].

It is incredible to read that QAnon is both unpopular and the most attacked behind President Trump. One must question all of this attention for merely a pretender or make-believe LARP.

Post Q# 2251 on 9/21/18 (in part):

Free thinking individuals may wonder why the Mockingbird/MSM Fake News continues to expend resources to fight a phony baloney. The media gatekeepers of the Old Guard want exclusive control of the flow of information to the public.

Post Q# 2489 on 11/12/18 (in part):
[Placeholder – OIG Report-FBI, DOJ, and the Media Coll].

These coordinated well financed attacks come in the form of waves, because they are not organic in nature. Professional shills combine with their previously inserted FAKE MAGA “Trojan Horses”, to employ the divide and conquer strategy against QAnon.

Post Q# 2461 on 11/9/18 (in part):
Why are we under heavy fire?

You attack those that are the biggest threat. Being the funnel that controls the narrative, seems to be the narcissistic goal of most broadcasters. The hateful assaults on both QAnon and followers are non-stop from the media.

Post Q# 1361 on 5/14/18 (in part):
All For A LARP?

The Marxist Mockingbird Media has no problem hooking up with both the Progressive Communist Left and Never-Trump loyalists. Attempts to silence and censor the QAnon movement have not succeeded to date.

The sad fact is we expected this type of treatment from the Leftists but the Republican side has been just as vicious. Jesus talks of the “Sin of Pride” and it is very evident in the actions by all that thought “She would never lose”.

Post Q# 2030 on 8/31/18 (in part):
QAnon yesterday (poll).
POTUS today (poll).
Notice any similarities?

Beginning in late February the first round of FAKE MAGA’s activated with the controversy of the IBOR. Several Q-YouTubers then claimed “trip codes” were compromised, so they claimed QAnon to be a LARP and publicly departed the movement.

Post Q# 2489 on 11/12/18 (in part):
[Placeholder – OIG Report-Exec B_ABC’s and Media Coll].

The Coris/AJ stunts in late April also included more Q-YouTubers suddenly departing the movement. Reddit’s banning of all QAnon subs in September was a major blow as well but we forge ahead together-WWG1WGA !!!
Throughout these unrelenting attacks one theme has remained apparent, QAnon will not go away.

Encouraging critical thinking individuals to seek the truth out for themselves is not a bad foundational pillar to build a following.
President Trump has bypassed the Fake News and has enlisted a new breed of reporters to distill the flow of public information. This is what many fear the most, loss of their valuable power and control of information.

Post Q# 2491 on 11/12/18 (in part):

QAnon has stressed that information should “Be Free”. This doesn’t play well in the minds of greedy broadcasters and their Mockingbird networks.

POTUS and QAnon will help to usher in the “Great Awakening”. We are told to help others that have been blinded to the truth through lies by those we “trust the most”.


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