TRUST Captain Jeff Sessions-Military Tribunals Boomerang !!!


Patriot Jeff Sessions served in the Army Reserve from 1973-86. Stealth Jeff earned the rank of Captain and has the judicial background qualifications to serve on future Military Tribunals-BOOM BOOM BOOM !!!

Post Q# 538 on 1/14/18 (in part):

Matt Whitaker may have been President Trump’s secret “Stealth Bomber” but the “Silent Assassin” may still have another major role to play. Seasons has served both POTUS and our country with honorable distinction.

Post Q# 2472 on 11/10/18 (in part):
Boomerang suicide.

Like in a good movie or play, sometimes your favorite characters are written out of the script prior to the ending. Logically thinking for optics alone, it never could be Sessions to drop the “hammer of justice” on the Deep State.

Post Q# 2462 on 11/9/18 (in part):
Role of Sessions?
Who did Sessions appoint in NOV 2017?

Jeff was the first sitting Senator to endorse then Candidate Trump in late 2015. Many folks don’t recall that Sessions gave Stephen Miller, his number one staffer over to the Trump campaign. Miller has been Trump’s main speech writer & is remembered for his beat-down of Jim Acosta/CNN in a White House press briefing.

Post Q# 151 on 11/14/17 (in part):
Why did Sessions recuse himself?

Sessions served as Alabama’s Southern District Assistant US Attorney from 1975-77 and Reagan made Jeff US Attorney from 1981-93. Jeff has long held firm positions on Pro Life, legal immigration, military hawk, and balanced federal budgets.

Post Q# 2371 on 10/9/18 (in part):
Why did McCabe try to take out Sessions?

Jeff has also been know as a proponent of fair trade deals. Sessions was strongly against TPP/NAFTA/ and other unfair trade arrangements. Everyone knows Jeff’s position on illegal drugs and he has pushed hard for the “Wall” along the Southern US border.

Post Q# 2197 on 9/17/18:
Activate SESSIONS.

While the Attorney General, Stealth Jeff began the internal war on the international crime gang known as MS-13. This evil transnational terror group is made up of refugees from San Salvador/Honduras/Guatemala/ and Mexico.

Post Q# 2397 on 11/3/18 (in part):

Sessions is amnesty’s worst nightmare and he has pushed hard for The Wall. Jeff may yet turned out to be President Trump’s

“Silent Executioner”.

Post Q# 2204 on 9/17/18:

History will be very kind to Patriot Sessions and his service to our country will never be forgotten. QAnon said it best: “Thank you for your service to our country Mr. Jeff Sessions”.

Post Q# 878 on 3/8/18 (in part):

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