PayPal Terminates Nonprofits Over Jab Mandates


On December 21, 2021, after business hours, PayPal contacted the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)  that it would no longer process donations from their supporters. Other organizations dropped by PayPal include the Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) and Organic Consumer’s Association (OCA). In October 2021, media watchdog called Media Matters accused PayPal and GoFundMe of hosting campaigns, which spread harmful information about Covid-19. PayPal is searching for transactions that fund hate groups, far right-

wing groups, Christian conservatives, any extremist groups, and anti-government organizations. Is PayPal using censorship to go after anyone who does not fit into their leftist agenda?

PayPal is the latest tech giant to join the censorship plot, closing down services for a variety of nonprofit groups that are working together to stop Covid jab mandates. The latest attack was on NVIC, FLCCC, OCA, and many others, which is quite discouraging for all who love freedom. Powerful forces are at play working to suppress, discredit, and silence specific viewpoints, speech, and science. According to Sharyl Attkisson, an investigative journalist, reported there is “no longer any doubt, the vaccine industry interests and other corporate and political interests are pulling the strings so Big Tech moves to squash scientific views, studies, scientists, and opinions that are contrary to the narrative.”

Despite PayPal’s attack on NVIC, they secured a new platform for donations on December 24, 2021. They established a secure alternative to PayPal for processing credit card donations. Ever since NVIC held its Fifth International Public Conference back on October 2020, they were increasingly targeted by mainstream media. NVIC is a political operative in the United Kingdom. During 2021, they were cancelled by uciferian Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube because they have spoken the truth about vaccination, health, and liberty. While Big Tech and forced genocide jab lobby put out a huge supply of authoritarian propaganda promoting fear and hatred, the nonprofit will continue to defend the legal right to make voluntary choices about “vaccination.” NVIC mission has always been to prevent “vaccine” injuries and deaths through public education, while defending the informed consent issue. The press following PayPal’s cancellation worked against the tech giant, which caused NVIC supporters to aid in response. If Americans can

use censorship as a guide to seek more information about a topic, person, or study, they defeat the intent of the censors.

Some other organizations mentioned in the article are American Frontline Doctors and Children’s Health Defense, which have been speaking out about early Covid-19 treatments and red flags about censorship since the beginning of the plandemic. These groups have been defined by Media Matters as “groups known for spreading medical misinformation.” The article itself is spreading deception, then calls out PayPal’s policies that do not permit users to provide false, inaccurate or misleading information, among others. In short, people and organizations are being censored, deplatformed, and banned from social media, Facebook, and payment platforms for the crime of spreading “misinformation,” the meaning of which can change from day to day. In July 2021, fake Reuters reported that PayPal planned to research transactions that fund hate groups, anti-

government organizations, and extremists. It is unclear how they define these terms or the groups that fall under them.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security lists broadcasting false narratives around Covid-19 as a top national security threat, which basically puts a “domestic terrorist” target on the backs of those who have been identified as abundant “superspreaders” of Covid misinformation, whatever that means.

In the case of OCA, which was also suddenly dropped by PayPal, was told they violated the company’s “acceptable use” policies. PayPal cut off all their accounts (OCA, Regeneration Inter-

national, and Citizens Regeneration Lobby) with no notice. The outrageous assault on OCA’s fundraising is similar to the intimidation and censorship carried out by Big Tech giants such as Facebook, who threatened to cut off OCA and Millions Against Monsanto from two million social media followers, unless they stopped talking about the origins, prevention, and treatment of Covid-19. Subsequently they were forced to put out two different versions of their weekly newsletter, Organic Bytes, one uncensored for subscribers, one censored for social media. Needless to say OCA will not back down from investigative reporting, accusations of corporate and government corruption, and the truth regarding genetic engineering jabs. OCA was not deterred by PayPal’s censorship. They just switched to another credit card processor to continue on with their mission.

Many may not be aware of the close ties between PayPal’s early employees, known as the “PayPal Mafia.” These are the big names in the tech industry today. The payment company, launched as Confinity in 1998 by Peter Thiel, Max Levchin, and Luke Nosek, grew to become a Silicon Valley giant. It was acquired from eBay in 2002 for $1.5 billion in a deal that helped create the careers of tech’s famous names, which include:

  • Palantir – Data analytics software company was founded by Thiel in 2003.
  • Affirm – This company allows shopping online to pay for products over time using an instant line of credit. It was founded by Max Levchin in 2013, one of PayPal’s cofounders.
  • YouTube – YouTube founders Steve Chen and Chad Hurley worked at PayPal during its early days.
  • SpaceX – Elon Musk’s banking company merged with Thiel’s company to become PayPal in 2001. Not only is Musk a former PayPal CEO, but he made $165 million when PayPal sold.
  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn’s founder, Reid Hoffman, was a former executive vice-president at PayPal.

Big Tech censorship is running rampant. PayPal terminating nonprofits is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Big Tech and it’s banning of information on the internet. Efforts to shut down discussions and information are in full force, while Big Tech is also manipulating what can and can’t be seen online. Zachary Vorhies, a former senior software engineer at Google, uncovered more than 950 pages of confidential documents showing a plan to re-rank the entire internet based on Google’s corporate values for “fairness.” He resigned in June 2019 and turned over his documents to the DOJ, then releasing them to the public via Project Veritas, which is exposing censorship activities. He started to think, “is this really fake news? Why are they defining it as fake news in order to justify censorship?” Google’s effort to correct “unfairness,” any algorithm that reinforces existing stereotypes. If something is considered algorithmically unfair by Google, they justify intervention in order to fix it. Vorhies uses the example of the autofill search recommendations that pop-up when doing Google search. Autofill is what happens when typing a search query into a search engine and algorithms kick in to offer suggestions to complete it. Google has stated that the suggestions displayed are generated by a collection of user data, which is absolutely false.

FLCCC was also canceled by PayPal, another example of Big Tech’s overreach. They shut down their donation platform October 15, 2021 too. This is another attempt by Big Tech, in concert with government, media, and intelligence agencies to take down physicians who are practicing real medicine and make a difference in saving lives. The attacks on FLCCC join a growing list of LinkedIn and Vimeo, which removed their accounts and testimonial videos. Big Tech, Big Pharma, government, health authorities, and mainstream media continue to suppress them. This is an attack on their ability to fundraise, free speech, and attempts to share safe, effective Covid-19 treatments (both preventative and acute). The FLCCC protocols are helping people around the world stay out of the hospitals.


What can be done to fight back? Fighting back against the heavy hand of censorship is not an easy task. Instead of fearing, ignoring, or abandoning the targeted information with censorship, do as Attkisson suggested: “Use censorship as a cue or guide that you should delve more deeply into the topic at hand to reveal the underlying truth.” Another possibility is to find alternative payments platforms. “Truth seekers,” such as Dustin Nemos, an independent journalist, have been cancelled by PayPal a while ago. One final thought is to detach from evil empires, such as Amazon, and support Christian, patriot sponsors. Keep fighting with peaceful non-

compliance with the Covid-19 jabs and mandates, but most importantly, keep seeking the truth. Remember God wins! May Yahweh bless!

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