QAnon_ American Burns – ANTIFA WILL be Dealt With


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In This Report:


Welcome back my friend! This is Dustin Nemos of the Nemos News Network 

Where we continue to break the cycle of fake news 

This is an important episode. 

America is under attack. 

America is burning. 

Police stations, cities, hundreds of buildings, government property, even the police themselves being assaulted. We’re seeing buildings burned down, looted, destroyed without cause. We’re seeing people beaten in the streets for defending their own stores or neighborhoods. We’re seeing people assaulted. We’re seeing cops dragged through the streets and beaten. 

This is the leftist revolution folks! They’re here to try to take over. They have no chance in hell of that happening… but George Soros is gonna try anyway… because as he said this is the culmination of his life’s work… taking down America. 

So we’re gonna dive in all of this and more

The News Headlines are as follows: –

  • Ilhan Omar’s Daughter Retweets List of Supplies For “Comrades” Who Are Rioting in Minneapolis
  • Horror! Dallas Business Owner Tries to Defend Shop with a Sword — Looters and Leftists Stone Him, Kick Him, Beat Him with Skateboard – Brutal Video
  • Twitter Changes Its Bio to #BlackLivesMatter in Honor of Looters, Arsonists and Domestic Terrorists Ransacking American Cities
  • LA Up In Flames, Cop Cars Torched, National Guard Moving In
  • MINN. GOVERNOR & MAYOR LIED: Jail records Show Most Arrested in Minneapolis Riots Live in Minnesota
  • FBI’s Top Lawyer Boente Gets The Ax — DOJ Goes Over Wray’s Head to Sack Boss & Top Confidant of Rod Rosenstein
  • Barr Calls Out Antifa and Other Far Left Groups Over Riots, Warns of Federal Prosecutions
  • Watch Live: Riots Erupt From Coast To Coast; Curfews Imposed; Stores Looted; D.C. Activates National Guard


The Q Posts are also reviewed. The following Q Posts are included: –

  • D’s Are Giving Safe Haven to Antifa – A Far Left Radical Group of Domestic Terrorists
  • POTUS/FBI/DOJ/DHS Action Coming Against Antifa
  • They Want You Divided and Fighting Each Other; United We Will Defeat Them
  • This and more…









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