Rarer Than Unicorns-A Clinton Foundation Whistleblower !!!


For the last several decades no one has dared to testify against the Clintons. Finally as their grip on power diminishes, a few brave whistleblowers have begun to emerge.

Post Q# 2560 on 12/6/18 (in part):
Why is “The Clinton Foundation” back in the news?

Rep. Mark Meadows will be holding a Congressional hearing on 12/13/18 in regards to oversight of non-profit organizations. This sub committee’s titled event is called “A Case Study On The Clinton Foundation (CF).
Andrew Kessel joined the CF in 2004 as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Kessel previously worked at Kidder Peabody and Barclays. Andrew is also a graduate of the Wharton School like our POTUS.

Post Q# 89 on 11/5/17 (in part):
FBI/MI currently have open investigation into the CF.

Pricewaterhouse Coopers is the accounting firm of record for the CF. They along with Kessel signed all of the annual federal tax statements for the charity. Federal charity law often carries harsher civil and criminal penalties than does normal U.S. corporate regulations.

The CF had additionally hired outside independent experts to do period reviews for compliance purposes. Highlighted in these supplemental reports was systemic co-mingling of funds and non-disclosure of foreign donors into the CF.

Post Q# 1876 on 8/14/18 (in part):
Coord w/AID ORGS for [illegal] plans.

The MDA Analytics company filled comprehensive whistleblower reports in 2017 with both the FBI and IRS. Performed at their own expense, MDA hopes to collect a commission on any past IRS tax funds reclaimed by the government based upon their fillings.

It is now widely suspected that CFO Kessel is one of the several CF whistleblowers working with MDA. This organization turned over 6,000 pages of evidence and now SP Huber/IG Horowitz have access to these records.

Post Q# 2552 on 12/5/18 (in part):

MDA is a collection of former Federal prosecutors, investigators, and accounting experts working on behalf of these brave CF whistleblowers. Patriots like Charles Ortell have also been working hard to expose the CF.

The “Pay to Play” element is the core backbone of the criminal charity known as the CF. Foundation Directors included Cheryl Mills which she was HRC’s Chief I’d Staff at the State Department. The stench of guaranteed “quid-pro-quo” deals abounded at the CF.

Post Q# 524 on 1/13/18 (in part):
FOCUS on the loudest voices in WASH.

Since the 2016 election the contributions flowing into the CF have stopped due to the lack of political influence. With loosing power came the end of Pay to Play and thus the money.

Frank Giustra and the Uranium One deal is the poster child that exemplifies this personal enrichment scheme by the Clintons. Giustra coordinated with Cheryl Mills/Huma Abedin from State and with Doug Band at the CF, to push over $145 million into the Foundation.

Post Q# 2554 on 12/5/18 (in part):

Moves and countermoves.

Claims of uncontrollable personal expenses by both BC and HRC, are combined with the cost of Chelsea’s wedding as examples of criminality.

BC told reporters recently that all of the accounting woes of the CF can be blamed on the accountant. Every to quickly shift the blame, BC said “The guy that filled out the forms made an error”.


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