Watching Over The Purse Strings-TRUST GRASSLEY !!!


Senator Chuck Grassley. R-Iowa, has moved from the chair of the Judiciary over to the Finance Committee. Grassley has initiated investigations into the Clinton Foundation/Uranium One political scandals.

Post Q# 2451 on 11/7/18 (in part):

Chuck through the Senate Judiciary was critical in getting President Trump’s USSC and Federal Judges appointed. The keys to governmental tax and spending flow from the Senate Finance.

Post Q# 1345 on 5/12/18 (in part):
U1 [donations to CF].

Sen. Grassley is taking over from retiring Orin Hatch and has twice before served on this important committee. Chuck vows to return to bipartisan common sense solutions to tax relief and tax fairness policies.

Post Q# 49 on 11/21/17 (in part):
Follow Sen Grassley.
Why does Grassley (one example) have a higher than normal amount of security detail?

Additionally Sen. Grassley will become the Senate Pro Tempore (2nd highest). Grassley will be remembered by the high number of Federal Judges he help shepherd through these part two years.

Two important probes that Grassley is interested in getting resolved are with Susan Rice [SR] and Joe Pientka. Sen. Lindsay will help ensure both are followed through in the Judiciary.

Post Q# 2444 on 11/7/18 (in part):
Shift to Senate Judiciary.

Susan Rice wrote an “unusual” classified memo and sent it to herself on January 20, 2017 (Inauguration Day). Rice was immortalizing an Oval Office meeting from 1/5/17 that she attended.

Post Q# 1496 on 6/13/18 (in part):
Nunes/Grassley/Freedom C push for docs.

In attendance besides BHO and SR were Biden/Comey/and Sally Yates. Rice’s C.Y.A. bizarre memo to herself after she was no longer employed emphasized BHO’ “by the book” BS.
Grassley has a longstanding interest in receiving the documents from General Flynn’s FBI interview in early 2017.

FBI agents Peter Strzok and Joe Pientka talked to Flynn with no lawyer present.
Sen. Grassley has been demanding the records of these FBI’s 302 forms for months. Mueller’s court filings have backed up Grassley’s hunch in suspecting shenanigans were at play,

Post Q# 2445 on 11/7/18 (in part):
Senate Judiciary Chairman.
[House of Cards].

Patriot Chuck is truly beloved by Iowa and all of fly-over country. When QAnon states that we should TRUST GRASSLEY, that is good in my book.

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