Resistance to Transgender Agenda is Futile as Teachers Intimidate Parents with Threats of DSS Actions


As parents attempt to protect their children from those who would do them harm, it seems there is an ever-increasing encroachment from public education officials to interfere with parental rights.

School authorities have been activists in promoting gay and trans agendas within their districts. While inclusiveness is to be valued, pushing an agenda onto unsuspecting children without parental knowledge or consent, is going too far.

An in-person report by the Epoch Times details the experience of a young 12- year- old girl who believed she was going to attend an after-school art club. She was surprised to discover the “art club” was instead a meeting of the school’s Genders & Sexualities Alliance (GSA) club. This group is dedicated to supporting homosexuality, transgenderism, and other nontraditional ideas about gender and sexuality.

The 12-year-old told her mother that the club leader told her she must be “queer” if she didn’t feel sexually attracted to anybody, and that she must be “transgender” if she didn’t feel fully comfortable in her own body. The shy young girl felt something wasn’t right, especially when that same leader told her not to tell her parents about what would be discussed that day.

The leader of the club was Kimberly Chambers. She is a “health equity initiatives coordinator” for Larimer County and director of the pro-LGBT organization SPLASH Youth of Northern Colorado. She had   handed out her personal contact information to the children and urged them to contact her anytime.

Chambers’ organization proudly boasts it teaches children ages 12 to 16 about “polyamory”—relationships with multiple sexual partners simultaneously—and other controversial ideas.

During the afterschool GSA club, according to the young girl, Chambers explained their family homes may not be a “safe space,” to talk about their sexuality. She assured them there were “resources” available. She also handed out transgender flags and stickers which the 12-year-old understood were supposed to represent the children in the club.

Multiple family members confirmed to The Epoch Times that prior to what the mother describes as the “grooming” of her daughter at school, the child never showed any signs of “gender dysphoria,” the term used by psychiatrists to describe discomfort with one’s biological sex.

The Epoch Times reached out to Chambers for comment, asking whether she considered non-affirmation of a child’s gender ideas to be abuse, and seeking confirmation about the story details.

“Given the private nature of this specific youth and family’s needs, I’d like to share with you a couple of Colorado and National resources around gender identity to help inform your article rather than provide any comment,” she said before providing a number of links on transgenderism and legal issues.

The young girl no longer attends Wellington Middle School. Following the incident, her parents enrolled her in a private Christian school.

The effects of the incident linger and the young pre-teen has been under the care of a therapist. The suggestions made to her that day have left her questioning herself and caused considerable psychological damage.

“After the lesson, the young girl began to wonder whether she might truly be queer and transgender. Her mental state began to rapidly deteriorate, her mother said.”

The mother decided to take action and first contacted Chambers, the woman she says “groomed” her daughter and who also sometimes works as a substitute teacher for the district. “Her response was alarming,” the mother said. “It was delusional. She doubled down on her actions.”

Her second stop was the principal, who seemed empathetic but confirmed that secret GSA meetings with children were an intentional part of creating a “safe space” at school.

“There are more than two dozen self-proclaimed LGBT children in the small middle school, according to social media posts by SPLASH. The district is determined that they be “affirmed” without parental involvement,” she said.

After all that, the mother spoke out at a school board meeting and contacted all its members by email. No one responded. When she was finally able to sit down with two of them, they both “supported everything that transpired and refused to address any of my concerns.”

As the parents fought back, school officials were working on their next move.

Among other tactics, documents and communications obtained by The Epoch Times revealed a discussion about the possibility of reporting the parents to child-welfare authorities.

The mother was flabbergasted after receiving the documents.

“I didn’t see this coming,” she said. “This teacher and Kimberly [Chambers] forced us to pull our child out of school by creating an unsafe environment, then discussed sending child protective services into our home because we pulled her out, at our most vulnerable moment as a family—that they caused.

“If my child had indicated that we were not affirming her pronouns and trans identity, I believe the authorities would’ve taken our child away. And everyone involved knew this.”

When asked about policies on getting child protection services involved in cases such as this, Noblett noted that all district staff are “mandated reporters” under Colorado law. That means they are required to report suspected child abuse.

Noblett didn’t respond to follow-up questions about district policy on whether parents’ refusal to support their children transitioning to a new gender constitutes abuse.

“It is the role of the Department of Human Services to investigate the suspected/reported case; to determine whether the child is safe; to determine if abuse occurred; and to provide appropriate services to the family,” she said.

However, the district aims to “create and uphold equitable, inclusive, and rigorous educational opportunities, outcomes, and experiences for all students,” she said.

The Epoch Times spoke with other families across the nation who had similar experiences, but almost none were willing to go on record due to fears of retaliation by government officials and activists.

While the American College of Pediatricians describes teaching children that it’s normal or healthy to impersonate the opposite sex as “child abuse,” larger and more established associations have taken a different approach.

A new “puberty guide” for children between 9 and 12 published by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) claims that boys can menstruate and that girls can experience erections.

“Most babies who are born with a penis grow up feeling like a boy on the inside too. That’s called being cisgender (cis- means ‘same’),” the guide states. “But there are some babies born with a penis who grow up feeling like a girl on the inside. That’s called being transgender (trans- means ‘cross’ or ‘opposite’).”

In Ludlow, Massachusetts, a major lawsuit has been filed against the school district. It alleges that education officials encouraged children to experiment with alternate gender identities and hide it from their parents, reports the Epoch Times.

Andrew Beckwith, president of the Massachusetts Family Institute, who is involved in the case, is dealing with a surge in such cases in his state.

“We see the same aggressive attack on the integrity of the parent–child relationship here in Massachusetts,” he told The Epoch Times when asked about parallels between the Colorado story and what’s taking place there.

“Many of the LGBTQ activists want to brand traditional sexual morality as ‘child abuse,’ and their accomplices in child services terrorize families who won’t just go along with this agenda,” he said, calling these sorts of policies an “appalling and dangerous violation of the rights of parents.”

“What is happening in Ludlow is part of a larger national agenda to deliberately circumvent the authority of parents over the mental health and religious beliefs of their children.

“School officials around the country are secretly affirming, or even promoting, discordant gender identities in young children.”

The Biden administration has started threatening legal action against local communities, schools, states, and other institutions that don’t submit to the transgender agenda.

Resistance, it would seem is futile, at least within the public school system.

The Colorado parents have remained advocates against such tactics of indoctrination. They urge parents to consider private school or homeschooling should they encounter unwanted and mis-placed sexual education practices.

“In an effort to help protect other families from similar situations, the family has decided to continue sounding the alarm, while encouraging parents to become more aware and get more involved.

Among other suggestions, they are urging parents to remove their children from public school.”

“Get them into private schools if you can afford it,” she said. “Get them into homeschool co-ops or homeschool them yourself.”


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