Ron Watkins – The Man, The Myth and The Mission


At the heart of the Border War, on the front line stands a Man in a cowboy hat; a man on a mission. A mission critical to the safety and security of the whole nation. Thanks to the leftist invasion at our southern border, District 2 of Arizona has become a pipeline of evil and corruption. Child/human trafficking the greatest of these evils. We are under chemical attack at the Arizona border with a river of deadly poison pouring in. A fatal dose of fentanyl is measured in micrograms. Fentanyl has been weaponized to destroy our youth and nation. The mission is clear and simple – this must end. Ron has chosen this to be his fight.

At first glance of Ron’s wiki page I was shocked to see what an armature, cheap, tacky and leftist smear piece it was. It looks like a bunch of sixth graders got together to write some hate mail on a teacher. It is, in the light of current events…stupid? Garbage? A gross misrepresentation of the truth? It is actually libel and slanderous. Ron’s bio is fascinating if viewed through a clear and open lens. As we read below, we will see Ron is a wonderful tapestry of Americana. Ron is the perfect expression of what America is and what it was meant to be. Let’s take a look:

Watkins was born in 1987. His father, Jim Watkins, is a former member of the United States Army, and Watkins grew up moving often because of his father’s military service. His mother, Ton Sun Watkins, is from South Korea, and his parents met when his father was stationed there. They divorced when Watkins was a teenager, at which point Watkins began to live mostly with his mother.

Watkins spent his high school years in Mukilteo, Washington, the city where he lived for the longest period during his childhood. He attended Kamiak High School, where he was active in choir and theater, and graduated in 2005.

After high school, Watkins moved to China. Watkins lived with his father in Manila in the Philippines in the 2010s. As of January 2021, Watkins was living in Japan; in October 2021 he moved to Arizona. In a 2022 speech he gave at Prescott, Arizona, Watkins mentioned that he had a 5 year old daughter and was divorced.

In October 2021, Watkins filed a statement of interest with the Arizona Secretary of State to run for the United States House of Representatives in Arizona’s 1st congressional district as a Republican He officially announced his run for Congress with a video in which he called Democratic incumbent Tom O’Halleran the “dirtiest Democrat in the D.C. swamp”.

Watkins campaigned mostly through Telegram; he hired conspiracy theorist podcaster Tony Teora as a campaign manager and associated with a local sovereign citizen activist. In January 2022, he appeared at a school board meeting in Scottsdale, where he accused “communist creeps” in school boards of indoctrinating children with “transsexuals propaganda” and critical race theory and of taking away parental rights by “teaching our children that they can be vaccinated without parental consent”.

In February 2022, it was reported that Watkins’ campaign had raised just above $33,000, some of which was in the form of a loan from his father. Watkins also entered into polemics with Arizona senator Wendy Rogers, whom he accused of botching the Maricopa county election audit. Rogers responded by calling Watkins a “weirdo” and mocking his fundraising efforts. She later said she would enact a “ceasefire” with Watkins. Wendy explained that she had come to understand “we are all on the same side”

Looking at Ron’s bio – an American son. Bold. Strong. Intelligent. Driven.  Cares about the weakest members of society. Such a wonderfully woven individual who actually practices kung fu and climbs ice walls. Ron shows he has a character that is strong willed, determined and adept at keeping a cool head under life and death situations. Ron has spent the past weeks literally going door to door in order to acquire the necessary signatures to get on the ballot. He has met his threshold but still continues to pound the street daily to make sure he has enough signatures to get his spot.

Autodidact: pronounced  [ˌôdōˈdīdakt] NOUN: a self-taught person.

Ron’s brilliance was acquired sitting next to his dad as a boy learning to write code. It grew into Ron’s SysOp administration over 8kun (formerly known as 8chan). An internet board that literally set the world on fire. Ron was the admin over the board which generated a global phenomenon – Q anon.

In these latter times, with the pressing destruction of our republic under this communist regime Ron choses to be anything but anonymous. Desiring to move forward with his mission Ron looks past the sensation of Q anon and sets his face to the battlefield. The time for ” anonymous “ has closed. The time to fight has come. And Ron is ready to make his stand in Arizona Congressional District 2.

Ron’s mission:

  • STOP Covid Theater
  • STOP communist infiltration of our schools. Take back parents rights.
  • STOP CRT, Critical Race Theory is an ATTACK on our most precious resource – our Children
  • STOP the gaping wound of corruption that has become our border.

Ron is fighting the Deep State. They have been attacking him for years. Ron is up against BIG money and desperately needs our help to fight against the rhino republican status quo. HE NEEDS OUR HELP. Even a dollar makes a difference; even if you don’t live in Arizona this is a MATTER OF NATIONAL SECURITY! Invest in your safety and the future of this great nation by supporting Ron anyway you can; shoot, just tell a friend about this amazing young man trying to save our nation.

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