Silent War # 6371: China Buying ALL SILVER. Law=Men in Girls Bathrooms. Iran Hits Israel


In this episode of The Silent War:

China tells citizens, BUY ALL THE SILVER! Major Market Crashes and revaluations of all currencies coming.

Netanyahu Keeps Model Covid Vaccine on Display In Office.

Right now Israel is dropping white phosphorous on the Lebanese town of Khiam. Israel retaliated against Iran by killing civilians, they are the bad guys.

European Parliament Approves Controversial Migration Pact; Furious Nationalists Vow To Bring It Down After EU Elections.

‘I’ve Done Here What I Believe to be The Right Thing’ — Mike Johnson Speaks to Press After Leading House Vote to Send $95 BILLION to Fund Conflicts Oceans Away.

Another African state moves to kick out US military – media.

The Biden Admin has just officially abolished Title IX as we knew it. Now, sex = gender identity. In a nutshell, the new rewrite means: – men can take academic AND athletic scholarships from women – men will have FULL access to bathrooms, locker rooms, etc – men could be housed in dorm rooms with women – students and faculty MUST compel their speech by requiring the use of preferred pronouns If the guidelines above are ignored or even questioned, then YOU can be charged with harassment.

Under Construction

H5N1 strain of bird flu is found in MILK for first time in ‘very high concentrations,’ World Health Organization warns.

Iranian Regime Brags that Massive Drone Attack Inflicted Major Damage on Israel – Says Warriors of IRGC Taught Zionist Regime an “Unforgettable Lesson”.

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Supernatural Beings Returning to Earth

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