Silent War # 6375: Time’s Up: “Disinfo” Persecution, Food Supply, Plandemic2.0 Is Here, Genoc-hide



In this episode of The Silent War:

Here We Go: FDA Warns for Potential Bird Flu Pandemic That Could Kill One in Four Americans.

Here We Go – 70 Dairy Farm Workers in Colorado Monitored for Symptoms After Exposure to Bird Flu Virus.

90% of Vaxxed have deadly heart defects.

Florida Elementary School Principal Previously Accused of Molesting Child Caught on Tape Brutally Assaulting Student After Trapping Him Inside Classroom.

Mirrored Image of King Charles III’s New Portrait Allegedly Reveals Baphomet Face.

Another “Behemoth Solar Flare” Sparks Radio Blackout Across North America. (Deep State Tech)

The Worlds Top Rapper, Sellout Tom MacDonald, Influencer to billions of Young People – Has me blocked. So I made him a song called Tom MacDonald Sold Out.

The UN Voted in Favor for Palestine to Become United Nations Member.

Jewish Sec. Mayorkas announced that DHS is working with the FBI and ramping up “with intensity” to respond to “election threats” including “far-right extremist activity” and to combat spreaders of “disinformation.”

Joe Biden’s government will withhold funds from religious hospitals that refuse to provide sex-change operations for young children.

rfK Jr. on Russell Brand’s podcast: “I don’t think Ilisrael’s intention is genocide. I don’t believe there’s any evidence of genocide…The iDF has protected civilians better than any army in history.”

10 acres in Florida, Edenic Paradise, Turnkey homestead for sale.


In Case You Missed It:

IDF Tanks Open Fire On Own Gaza HQ, Killing 5 Troops In Disastrous Friendly Fire Incident

Discharged US Marine Threatened To Target White People In Mass Shooting, Feds Say

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