Silent War Ep. 6170: “Potential Extinction” as Bank Run Cancels Emergency Powers in New Kanada..for now.


In this episode of The Silent War:

“Potential Extinction”: 48 Top Global Scientists Sign Declaration – Demand Ban on Fauci’s “Gain of Function” Research.

Critical Race Theory Makes Its Way Into Mandatory Trainings At Top US Medical Schools, New Database Shows.

Idaho House Passes Bill Banning Ballot Harvesting.

7-Year-Old Boy Allegedly Choked, Put In Restraint Hold, Thrown Across Room For Not Wearing Mask In School.

Democrat Candidate for US House Gets Drunk at Little Girls’ Sleepover, Swears at Them, Insists She’s Woman of Color, Throws Up in Their Shoes.

Kyle Rittenhouse To Sue Whoopi Goldberg, Other ‘Celebrities, Politicians And Athletes’ For Calling Him A Murderer.

Fascists Loyal to Justin Trudeau Publish Map and Info of All of the Freedom Convoy Donors in Ontario.

Trudeau Revokes Emergency Powers Act.

France Deactivates 4 Million Vaccine Passports, Forcing Double-Jabbed Citizens to Decide Between Taking the Booster or Being Shunned From Society.

China Strengthens Its Hold on Hong Kong Ordering Compulsory COVID Tests for All Citizens.

Supreme Court Rejects Bid for Religious Opt-Out From COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate.

Russian Ambassador Warns “Ordinary Americans” About To Feel The Pain.

Board Member of Large German Health Insurance Company Sounds the Alarm: Side Effects of COVID Vaccines Much Higher Than Official Reports

And more!

In Case You Missed It:

CDC Officials Admit Agency Withheld Covid Data From American Public

Thoreau and Civil Disobedience

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