Sonic Weapons Used Against Covid Jab Protesters


As governments around the world become more and more desperate to force citizens to get the genocide jab for Covid-19, the Australian tyrants confirmed that they used sonic weapons, also known as long-range acoustic devices (LRADs) against protesters in Canberra, Australia, the country’s capital. Australian Federal Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw stated that the lack of coordination among demonstrators provided a “challenge” for law enforcement. “Protest attendees have since taken to social media to complain about symptoms they say are a result of LRADs,” reported the Epoch Times. Photos and videos shared by protesters show the devices were on top of a police vehicle in front of the Parliament House. A video on YouTube appears to show police transporting a unit that looks like a type of wave device and is consistent with photos of other LRADs, which are used to transmit messages or alarms at high volumes and frequencies.

Earlier this week the Canberra Times dismissed the incident as a “conspiracy” when questioning parliament about whether the weapons were used. The complaints by anti-jab protesters have been circulating around this week after some of them said they felt ill following last Saturday’s rally, which one member claimed was the largest in Canberra to date with the plandemic. While police confirmed that they deployed sonic weapons, they claimed they only used the safer settings, not the “alert” settings. The “alert” setting would explain why so much of the crowd felt symptoms of nausea, dizziness, and confusion. The safer settings should not have caused these adverse events.

“Past reports of harm being caused by LRADs,” said ABC, “such as the permanent hearing loss and nerve damage suffered by Pro-fessor Karen Piper during G-20 protests in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2009, were apparently the result of the activation of the device’s alert functions.” One Australian victim described himself as being disoriented by sound pulses that he couldn’t hear, before it began to make him sick. “Horrible, nauseating pain hit my body,” audio producer Cory Choy told Popular Mechanics, about his experience with this weapon in 2014 when reporting on BLM protest in New York City. “And then I realized it was sound,” Choy added. He also stated: “At first you just think, what is happening to me? Your body goes into complete pain and panic mode. It’s the sound equivalent of looking into the sun.”

This whole episode in Australia reminds me of “Havana Syndrome.” Havana Syndrome is a series of debilitating effects that first afflicted U.S. intelligence officers and embassy staffers stationed in Havana, Cuba, in late 2016. In the following year, American diplomats in different countries around the world reported similar symptoms. Researchers at first thought these symptoms were a result of mass hysteria or an extreme reaction caused by stress, but this was quickly dismissed. Scientists then discovered that this may be the result of microwave weaponry. The unfortunate series of events are similar to those of a concussion or mild head injury. Besides intelligence officers, embassy personnel, and diplomats, many military members as well as their families have been targeted on foreign soil.

In late 2016, diplomats heard a loud piercing sound at night and felt intense pressure in the face. Pain, nausea, and dizziness followed immediately after. While the sound stopped eventually, some people complained of continued neuralgia, and dizziness along with trouble concentrating. These adverse effects were debilitating enough to interfere with their work during their period of deployment. In the years that followed, many intelligence and military personnel reported symptoms such as confusion, nausea, and disorientation that initiated with a sudden onset of pain and pressure in the head and eyes. Other chronic issues developed such as difficulty in concentrating, brain fog, memory problems, light sensitivity, and sleep-related complaints. The long-term sequelae of Havana Syndrome include:

  • Migraine •Problems with distant vision
  • Squinting •Recurrent vertigo (dizziness)
  • Nosebleeds


Initially authorities suspected that Havana Syndrome may be caused by exposure to toxic chemicals, pesticides, or drugs. No traces, however, of such suspects were ever found. Scientists have discovered that the most likely cause of Havana Syndrome is some type of mechanical device, which emits ultrasonic or microwave energy. A summation is listed below:

  • Such radiofrequency energy exposure through highly specialized bioweaponry could potentially create microbubbles in the fluid inside a person’s ear. When those bubbles travel through the blood into the brain, they can cause minute air emboli that result in cell damage, similar to decompression sickness (disorder that deep-sea divers develop if they surface too quickly),
  • Another explanation is that symptoms may be due to direct penetration of radiofrequency waves into the skull, which disrupts electrical and chemical activity in the brain and rewires certain neural pathways. This rewiring may be the reason that the symptoms seem profound and have long-lasting sequelae.


In Canberra, Australia, the participants were assaulted with an irradiated microwave device. Some of the members complained that they felt like they were “being cooked in the inside,” stating they experienced “intense lung burning.” The microwave device appeared as a giant speaker to the peaceful crowd. People can be targeted at these events over a long distance, close to several miles long. I will attach a video explaining the event. The level of treachery is unbelievable with the Australian police. Instead of confronting the peaceful crowd, Australian police took the cowardly way out by releasing an energy weapon on an unsuspected public, a whole new form of evil. The devices can be relocated into areas that are not so obvious or visible. Australia authorities have weaponized these LRADs against their own people. Everyone these days seem to be concerned with bioweapons such as Covid-19, Ebola, and Marburg viruses. What are the long term effects caused by LRADs and 5G? Is this the new version of crowd control 2.0? Wow, governments of the world have become the new terrorist organizations against their own people. May Yahweh bless all and be well.


Written By: Ed J. Janicki

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