The False Light of Devolution – The Dark to Light Deception


Have you heard about Devolution?

From now on, when someone says patriots are in control. ask them this.

How many women and children must die before you’ll accept patriots are NOT in control? Is there a specific number between 0-100% that you consider acceptable under what YOU claim is “winning” conditions?

What about the moral cost?
What about the long term health costs?
What about the generational costs?
What about the cost to the children now?
What about the ongoing evil currently happening while “Patriots In Control” work behind the scenes, never exerting said control to actually FIX anything?

~Dustin Nemos


Financial & Geopolitical Instability Part 1

Banks, BRICS, and a Big ‘Event’ – Financial & Geopolitical Instability Part 2

These Disunited States are competing to fly/bus/train/ship immigrants to other states in a suicidal doom loop. Sanctuary City New York is cutting public services and begging for help as it , California is taking children from parents who refuse to allow them to be molested and butchered. Texans are a demographic minority in Texas. Most capitals in the states have fallen. Europe is actually worse off than we are. Our women and children are being chained to the floor and gangraped in homes built by their fathers. Children are being mass trafficked and raped to the point of becoming mute at the tender age of 2-5. Hell has been unleashed upon our world.

Roughly 10% of our population is in active caloric restriction or outright starvation.

We have an impending famine, 3 world War 3 Scenarios we can’t win – all at once, with a fully depleted and poisoned military whose pilots are dropping out of the sky weekly.

The Social Credit Score, Vax Passport, and Digital Funnymunny (Controllable) softwares will soon be installed into the vaxxed people (hardware) and linked up to demand The Mark of the Beast to buy or sell.

The roaming migrant rape and theft gangs will be active. They are chaining our children and women to the floors of their dwellings as rape toys, paid for by our stolen tax dollars.

Edom thinks it has destroyed us. But YHWH will preserve us who keep His law.

Immigration has exponentially grown worse. Immigrants who climb into a 4 year old American boys bedroom and torture rape and murder him are given no jail time while actual Americans are being persecuted, imprisoned, Tortured and worse, en masse, for protesting while white.

The Final Takedown is nigh.


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