The “Grateful” Bard of the Internet-John Perry Barlow !!!


John Perry Barlow (JPB) died on 2/7/2018 of an apparent “heart attack” at the age of 70, Bard of the Internet and Grateful Dead member, Barlow was a very unique individual.

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(John Perry Barlow).

Barlow meet up at the age of 15 with Bobby Weir and along with Jerry Garcia, would form the core of the Grateful Dead Band. Classic songs like Mexicali Blues, Looks Like Rain, and Estimated Prophet all are JPB originals.

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Operation closed and cleaned.

JPB has been in addition to the Dead, a rancher, cowboy, political activist, cyber libertarian, and Internet guru. Barlow is credited in giving many inspirational speeches that motivated folks like Julian Assange and Aaron Schwartz.

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Coincidence “Truth To Power “?
Coincidence Barlow?

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) was started by JPB in 1990. This was the forerunner to his 2012 Freedom of the Press Foundation organization. Acting as a self-monitoring and central core of internet professionals striving for internet freedoms.

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Think BDT NYC ‘attempt ‘ and Barlow.

JPB joined Assange, Snowden, and Schwartz as founding Board of Directors for Freedom of the Press. Barlow took over Schwartz’s ‘SecureDrop” after the sudden mysterious deaths of Aaron and his co-founder Dolan.

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To say the John Perry Barlow was a pioneer, would be an understatement. K JPB hung out with Timothy O’Leary (LSD Experience), a regular at the Burning Man Festival, advocate for the Marijuana Policy Project, and much more.

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John Perry Barlow-187 post name [DROP].

QAnon has directed our attention to JPB on several occasions and he figures into this puzzle in a major fashion.

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Re_read crumbs re: SecureDrop.
John Perry Barlow.

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