The Silence is Deafening – The Censorship Has Hit Mainstream.


ATTENTION: ALL YQUTUBE ACCQUNTS BANNED! Big Tech purged! They are making every effort to prevent YOU from getting the news and information you want.
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Even Important Government Officials and MSM Journalists are not immune to censorship now. And finally – they are talking about it. Biden Sold us out, and Big Tech & Fake News are Running DEFENSE.

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  1. Thank you for bringing clarity to my many Q-uestions. Last week my email was shut off! The info wars-Alex Jones “within 3 days of election” TOTAL FREEZING accounts in America, all levels! NO private message,No texts, No posts. Can’t go anywhere and can’t send anything! NO EMAILS…MikeObombo-it’s going to get really bad-(if you like trump)! TESTING BEFORE ACTIVITY!(explains my email shut off last week) couldn’t understand why OFF for notifications…your input please♥️