Trump Grilled on Q – FAKE NEWS IN PANICS! ‘They Don’t like Pedophiles – I agree with that’


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Trump is ambushed with gotcha questions over a caricature of the QAnon movement. He handles is gracefully – Why does the MSM Fear QAnon So?

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    • I didn’t buy into the whole Q Anon thing until the fake news media started attacking Q and banning all Q related videos on youtube unless their calling it a b.s conspiracy theory if it was b.s why are they so panicked over Q ? Expand you’re Ammo on real threats
      If Q wasn’t a threat and was just a meaningless conspiracy theory they wouldn’t use all their ammo trying to discredit Q there’s alot of conspiracy theory’s out there but their only after Q. So thanks fake news media for bringing into the Q movement maybe their good for something after.

  1. Steve Turley is right, those people aren’t journalists in any sense, they are extremist left political activists and professional hecklers masquerading as “journalists”. They, even more then the politicians, are the actual traitors.
    When the indictments and trials come, I hope that the FAKE NEWS agitators figure MORE prominently as defendants then the FBI, CIA, or “Justice” Dept. Indeed, none of the DS conspiracies and impeachments could have taken off without CNN, NYT, Washington Pest, MSNBC, and other FAKE NEWS outlets.