Triggered by Supreme Court & Trump – The Left Prepares for War & Ignores Biden’s Laptop Pedophilia & Incest


In This Report:

We discuss the Civil War plans to stage a Bolshevik Coup being openly planned by the left, and the latest bombshells in the Laptop from Hell. Panic in the Swamp. More Children Rescued.

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FLASHBACK:  How the spirit, strength and belief of revival carried on to President Trump, and how the old revival Bible ended up in the oval office…

Now is the time to bring this one back… Many new people haven’t seen it, and YT purged it.  Click here for History of Donald Trump’s Bible and The Hebrides Revival >>

History of Donald Trump’s Bible and The Hebrides Revival


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Laptop From Hell Cannot be Stopped. Trump Moves to Drain the Swamp

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  1. I get an e-mail from bitchute that you have news, and when I open it it tells me an error has occurred 401. I only get you news from Not sure what is going on. They want me to send a link , and I don’t know how to do that from my email. I have e-mailed bitchute a couple of times about the error. I’m technical challenged. Thanks

  2. This election in the US, is not only for the US, it is to safe humanity from a worldwide take over by the few who intend not only to impose a worldwide dictatorship, but to get rid of a very large part of humanity and have Earth just for them with some “useless eaters” (that is the way Bill Gates sees most of us) to serve them as slaves. VOTE TRUMP!

  3. Dustin; THE DEMONIC dems have brought more than 20 million illegal Jihadist Muslims through the border through the last year & formed a TERRORIST MILITARY REGIME THEY PLAN TO PRESENT AS U.N. TROOPS AS WELL AS THE POLICE ALTERNATIVE!

  4. Hi Dustin. I have been watching you on youtube but it is now blocked. I don’t have a smart phone. Do you know how to get the Parler ap for Roku tv. Did a search but no results. I am disabled and can’t sit at my desktop computer for very long. Thank you so much. Hope you can get back on youtube.